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Looking To Work Online? 4 Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Parents





In all honesty, the modern world has made life increasingly difficult for parents. Finding the balance between providing and being present for your kids is a daily struggle. More often than not, one part of this equation ends up suffering. Your career progression may take a significant hit, or your kids will have to grow up with an absentee parent.

But what if a way existed to balance this equation in one fell swoop? The option involves working from home and ensuring optimal bonding with your kids, all while meeting deadlines. Admittedly, finding a job that offers you the flexibility to be a full-time parent and lets you work as a professional is challenging. Fortunately, that’s what we have the internet for. Of what use is it if it can’t make our lives any easier?

With full-time, part-time, and freelance online jobs, parents can earn a decent living and care for all their loved ones from the comfort of their homes. With all the dangers the contemporary world exposes our children to, being present for your kids could be the best gift you give them.

How Can You Find These Remote Job Posts?

Getting some of these jobs is as easy as hopping online on your device of choice. Knowing how and where to look is the important part. You will mostly find these jobs on freelance websites, and most employers specify the nature of the positions they are looking for when listing them. You can also find these positions on legitimate platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor. Other platforms, like FlexJobs, only offer work-from-home jobs.

With these and many more options available, you just need to browse these opportunities online and apply for whatever job suits your interests and qualifications. As a rule of thumb, go for jobs suitable for career development, and don’t forget to do some digging on your potential employer. Those with an evident history of a fruitful relationship with freelancers should be your best bet.

Now, let’s try going over some of the best work-from-home jobs you can do.

Work as a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is the same as the traditional administrative assistant position, only that an administrative assistant works on a desk somewhere in an office, whereas a virtual assistant works from home.

The average annual pay for a virtual assistant is roughly $38,478. This kind of job involves:

  • Answering clients’ emails.
  • Overseeing the organization’s calendars and scheduling.
  • Managing the company’s social media accounts.
  • Conducting and taking part in research.
  • Booking travel.

Piece of cake, no? Any parent at home can easily fulfill this position from the comfort of their home.

Try Becoming a Customer Care Representative

Admittedly, this can be a full-time as well as a part-time job. Working as a customer service representative entails helping clients for customer satisfaction and the organization’s good. In addition to giving information about the products and services the business offers, you should also provide solutions to problems the clients face. The average pay for a customer care representative is $17 an hour and $35,934 a year.

Apply for Data Entry Jobs

Working as a data entry specialist means your work revolves around raw data. Requirements and skills include computer training, experience with data programs (such as spreadsheets), and keen attention to detail. Tasks in data entry may seem overly repetitive, a point the potential employer will mention at some point during the hiring process. If you have the required skill set and have no problem with the monotony, then data entry will be a perfect fit for you. As for remuneration, the average annual pay for data entry specialists is $35,833.

Help Others as a Translator

The average pay for translators is relatively high compared to other remote jobs. The average hourly wage is $32, and you can look forward to around $67,343 of income per year. Due to high demand, translators have various opportunities. One can work part-time or full-time for one employer or choose to freelance and take up as many gigs as possible. Whatever floats your boat, the idea is to earn a living while finding time to bond with your family.

Of course, working as a translator requires proficiency in at least two languages. If faced with challenges, though, tools like Google Translate, Translatotron, and Microsoft Azure come in handy.


Armed with the information we’ve just shared, do you believe in the possibility of experiencing the best of both the professional and the “super-parent” worlds? You get to raise your kids, tend to your family’s needs, and build a career while at it.

Undoubtedly, the best part about working from home is the flexibility it offers. You can perform multiple jobs to maximize your income. In addition to the options already given, you can sign up on Pawns, share your unused bandwidth, and complete surveys to generate passive income. You’ll be working online anyway, so why not let your internet earn you an extra buck?

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