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5 Documentaries That Will Leave a Lasting Impact on You

5 Documentaries That Will Alter Your Perspective

If you are tired of watching different types of movies and series, documentaries can be good for a change. Where Hollywood shows include fiction that entertains, a documentary reflects the actual world and the good and bad in it.

This article includes five documentaries that have the power to alter your perspective about things. You can look them up on Netflix, watch them on cable deals like Spectrum TV choice, and even on YouTube. Here, you can get an idea of the theme of these documentaries to help you watch the type of content you prefer. Also, it is advisable to include them in your watchlist of documentaries.

Living on One Dollar

If you had a frustrating day and now you are in a bad mood, Living on One Dollar is a documentary you should watch. This film will make you feel more grateful and will give you an idea of the living situation people of a lot of people around the world.

As the name suggests, it is about people living under a dollar per day. This documentary is shot in rural Guatemala. Four friends live on just a dollar for two months. They face many adversities like financial stress, limited resources, and even hunger. Still, they survive and show us what people have to go through in their everyday routines.

This documentary can help a viewer become more conscious of wasting food and other resources. Another good thing that has come out of this documentary is that it helped the team raise 750K dollars for the development of people in that village.

 An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary that shows the worsening condition of the planet and climate change. This documentary is an unbiased and uncensored version of the effects of human activities on the planet. The actual visuals include glaciers melting and falling in the ocean and what the rivers are going through.

The actual documentary came out in 2006. But there’s a sequel to it that will show a more detailed and recent description of the events. In these documentaries, you can see former US vice president Al Gore and his campaign to raise awareness and train future climate activists.

Welcome to Sodom

Welcome to Sodom is another documentary that is set in the massive landfills of Ghana where thousands of tons of electronic waste are dumped. It is an hour and thirty-two minutes film in which you can see how people can try to find materials and things that can be sold from these heaps of dumps.

The people who work in these dumps to make a living call it Sodom. This documentary has stories of workers who explain their challenges and how bad the situation is in Sodom. The workers explain how they extract precious objects like copper and other valuable metals like electronics.

Welcome to Sodom unmasking how the world is continuously sending its trash away from all eyes while making millions of electronic devices every year. Also, it shows the focus of the big companies is not on recycling the already-produced electronics, but it is on making new ones.

The Last Animals  

If you like watching wildlife shows on the National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel, The Last Animals is the right documentary for you. The topic of the film is the killing of animals like elephants, tigers, rhinos, and endangered species in Africa.

In this documentary, director Kate Brooks takes a deep dive into how bad the poaching situation is and how it is affecting endangered species. She shows how the regulations are ignored every day, and yet there are no repercussions from the government. The more disturbing parts of the documentary are on the ivory deals and rhino horns openly sold in many places. Apart from the local market, there is a massive market for smuggling these products.

In contrast, the documentary also covers a more positive side of humans in controlling this situation. You can see wildlife rangers putting their lives at risk to save these endangered species. But the documentary shows how this black market is continuously growing because of international demands and no restrictions at all.

Man on Wire   

Man on Wire is a documentary set covering Philippe Petit’s walk between the Newyork Twin Towers in 1974. He walked on a thin wire without a safety net or any sort of safety. It was just him walking on the wire and balancing with a pole.

The documentary covers footage of Philippe Petit’s practicing for the event and it also includes stills of him walking on the wire. For anyone with a fear of heights, watching this documentary can be difficult. But if you like thrilling documentaries covering such events, you will like this film.

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