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Bandman Kevo Net Worth 2023; Income, Girlfriend & Biography

Bandman Kevo Net Worth

Who is Bandman Kevo?

Bandman Kevo is a famous American Rapper. He is best known for his song “How We Do It”. He collaborated with fellow rapper Soulja Boy on the “All Foreign (Remix).” In 2023, Bandman Kevo’s net worth is $5 million.

Bandman Kevo is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from the United States. He has released singles “Who Is Dat,” “Baller in Me” and “All Foreign.” Kevo’s music is influenced by classic funk and soul sounds as well as contemporary trap beats. His lyrics are introspective and address topics including love, hustling, and life in the streets.


Real Name:       Kevin Ford
Date of birth: February 16, 1990
Age: 33 years old
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Birthplace: Chicago, IL, U. S.
Nationality: American
Wife/Spouse: Dyme Kevo
Girlfriend/Dating: Mercedes Hatcher
Profession: Rapper
Bandman Kevo Net Worth: $5 million

Early Life

Bandman Kevo was born on February 16, 1990 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He holds American nationality. His real name is Kevin Ford.

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At an early age, he was interested in music. Initially his hobby to singing but after some time he converted his hobby into his professional career.

Personal Life

According to media sources, Bandman Kevo is married. After researching a lot, we found that Bandman Kevo married his wife named Dyme Kevo on January 1st in a private ceremony. The source also states that the wedding was small and intimate. It’s unclear if they are still together or not, but it seems like they might be.
He has a girlfriend named Mercedes Hatcher. Bandman Kevo was dating her. He has not shared the detail information about her.

Bandman Kevo, real name Kevin Ford, 32, recently sat down with SayCheeseTV and claims he had an affair with famous YouTuber Kayla Nicole Jones, 20. Kayla Nicole is currently married to her childhood boyfriend, Kyekye. The two share a 1-year-old son together.


Age, Height, and Weight

In 2023, Bandman Kevo was 33 years old. His height is 5 feet 7 inches. His weight is 75 kg.

Professional Life

Bandman Kevo started his professional career at the age of 17. In 2013, he released his first song titled All Foreign”. The song was very famous, as it was a big hit. Bandman Kevo is one of the most downloaded Superstars rappers of his generation. He has released over a dozen albums and singles and has won many awards including 2 Grammy Awards.

He started to get popularity on social media with this song. Following that, in February 2014, he dropped the single titled “Who Is Dat?”. This song received over 1 million views on YouTube.
After some time, he released in August, he released another song titled “Baller In Me”. This song is also very famous among his fans like his song and very good response to that. It also became Kevo’s other song which crossed 1 million views on YouTube.

Bandman Kevo has a great professional rapper at a small age. Kevo’s next hit song titled “Uber” was released in November 2019. The song received a good response from audiences, gaining over 1.5 million views on YouTube. Bandman Kevo added a lot of fame and achievements in his Professional Career.
Hip-hop artist who recorded the singles “Who Is Dat,” “Baller in Me” and “All Foreign.” He has utilized social media to build a fan base and has amassed more than 2.2 million followers on his bandman_kevo Instagram account.

Social Media Links

Bandman Kevo loves to share his pictures and videos on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. He created the self-titled YouTube channel “bandmankevo” on Aug 18, 2012, has 523K subscribers currently the channel has More than 66 million views. Bandman Kevo continuously shares his activities on social platforms to engage his fans. He has 3.3 million followers on Instagram. He is a famous celebrity and is widely followed on social media. Bandman Kevo Net Worth 2023 is $5 Million.

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Bandman Kevo Net Worth & income in 2023

In 2023, Bandman Kevo net worth is $5 Million. He earns his net worth from his musical career. He makes money from the sale of his musical albums, music tours, live performances, royalties from song writing, and streaming. He also earns money through brand promotions, endorsements, and sponsorships.
Bandman Kevo also earns his wealth from his self-titled YouTube channel where more than 523K million followers and more than 66 million views.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Does Bandman Kevo do?

Kevo is a financial advisor who educates people on how to attain financial stability. He believes that everyone has the ability to achieve financial security, and strives to help his clients reach their goals by teaching them about available options and resources.

  • Who is Bandman Kevo married to?

Bandman Kevo is also married to Dyme Kevo, who hopped on Instagram Live emotionally and cried. Kevo had kicked her wife Dyme Kevo and their kids out of the home after being homeless for months, Dyme Kevo was now trying to survive by scavenging through dumpsters for food and sleeping in shelters.

  • How did Bandman Kevo get his money?

Kevo realized early he was not cut out for a 9-5 and consequently ventured into entrepreneurship. Kevo has always been an entrepreneur at heart, even from a young age. He loved experimenting with different ideas and businesses and eventually realized that he wasn’t cut out for a traditional 9-5 job. So instead, Kevo decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams full-time.

And so far, it’s been working out great! Kevo is constantly innovating and coming up with new ways to serve his customers. He’s also made some great connections in the business world, which has helped him grow his business exponentially.

  • Why Bandman Kevo is so famous?

Bandman Kevo was a well-known professional rapper and singer.

  • How old is Bandman Kevo?

Bandman Kevo was born on February 16, 1990, and was 32 years old.

  • Who is Bandman Kevo’s girlfriend?

Bandman Kevo’s girlfriend’s name is Mercedes Hatcher. Kevo was dating Mercedes Hatcher.

  • How much money has Bandman Kevo made?

In 2022, Bandman Kevo has an approximate net worth is more than $200 thousand. He earns a lot from his YouTube channel. His salary currently is unavailable. So, that’s why we will update you soon whenever we have information about his salary.

  • How many subscribers does Bandman Kevo have on OnlyFans?

Bandman Kevo is a well-known music artist known for rapping about his controversial background. Now, he’s dominating OnlyFans by having 20,000 subscribers.

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