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3 Efficient Ways to Make Your Instagram Page Thrive in 2022: Bought Followers, PR and Targeted Ads

Efficient Ways to Make Your Instagram Page Thrive

We have decided to make this article in order to destroy all the myths and stereotypes that have developed around the promotion on social media over time: the longer this sphere exists, the more false facts people are posting on the Internet, telling users that they can develop their pages in many ways (most of which don’t work). Surely, thanks to progress in social media marketing, today we have more tools than we have had before, but not all of them are working as effectively as the other ones.

In this article, we will discuss the difference between effective tools – such as a chance to buy Instagram followers to form a supportive base of subs, targeted ads, and PR from bloggers – and ineffective ones, which are mostly free. 

Why don’t free methods work? 

Obviously enough, we all want to save money and spend it on something else, rather than putting them into the promotion of our social media pages. This is why people desperately try to use commenting, activity chats, hashtagging strategies, and many other things to reach their aims in terms of gaining enough subs, thumbs up, and comments. But they don’t succeed – why?

The answer is obvious enough: the times have changed. Earlier, when there was not such an enormous amount of information online, people had time to investigate and look through the pages that have sent them follow requests – and if they found these pages somewhat (this is a keyword) interesting, they subscribed.

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And this is exactly how the “old school” bloggers have gained their first subs and were able to form the audience out of the air, literally. Today this is not possible – everybody is too invested in their own lives, and people don’t follow for following anymore, don’t like for like. This is why spending time online trying to attract the attention of people to your page will probably give you close to zero results, no matter what you do. 

What to do?

Get ready to invest in your page. We don’t mean investing like $1000, no, the numbers are way smaller than that. For example, if you decide to purchase real Instagram followers, you can put in nearly $25 and get yourself 2500 subscribers “out of nowhere”. But the only thing that has to be kept in mind while doing so is that you need genuine followers, actual people who are going to subscribe to your page – not bots and fakes. Why?

As you might already know, today social media is ruled by algorithms based on artificial intelligence – and IG is no exception to that rule. IA sees very clearly how many interactions your page has had with the real pages and how many it had with the fake ones; based on this information, it is going to either recommend or not recommend your page to the people who can be potentially interested in your content.

And this is how a paid service can either induce your natural growth or stop it before it starts. So be careful with what you’re buying and always check the quality – never settle for something less than high-quality subs from a decent promotional company. 

What about PR and targeted ads?

These are also great and give 100% results, but these are best taken on at the end of your promotional campaign. For example, the strategy can look like this: first, you put enough content into your profile, then you buy subs (likes, comments, views, whatever you need), then you go for free mutual PR with some small bloggers, and then you put money into paid PR from the big bloggers and launch the targeted ad from IG itself.

If you follow this scenario, you’re going to be able to promote your page to the needed level in weeks, maybe months. If you want, this process can take you literally years. It is only up to you to decide whether you want to follow it or not, but we as professionals highly recommend it. 

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