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How Does Good Music Develop Your Writing Skills?



Writing Skills

Music is an important part of our lives, especially among teenagers growing into young adults. You’ll often see them on headphones listening to music. There are many benefits to listening to music, and this young demography, especially students, has been able to harness the power of music. They listen to music while studying, use it to increase their motivation to learn, isolate themselves, switch their feelings, increase concentration, boost brain power, etc. 

However, others also see it as distracting and unhelpful. So, the effect of music on learning has become a subject of debate in many quarters. While some studies prove that music helps boost one’s IQ, researchers are still trying to see how it directly influences cognitive skills like reading, thinking, memory, etc. 

Many people recommend music when reading or writing. Even professional writers at the best essay writing service claim to listen to music while writing and always produce high-quality essays. Music indeed helps you to write better or develop your writing skills. Here’s how:

  • Music Ensures you’re in a Good Mood

There’s little writing that the best writers in the world can do when their mood isn’t right for it. How much more do you have? However, it’s also common knowledge that college students often struggle with stress and anxiety due to their numerous classes, assignments, side hustle to earn extra money, peer pressure, pressure from parents, etc. College students have to deal with many things and are often stressed out.

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Listening to good music is how many students have learned to handle this pressure. It’s safer for them than alternatives like smoking, binge drinking, drug abuse, and eating junk food. Music helps to reset your mood and puts you in a better mood and frame of mind to write. 

For example, classical music sets people in the right positive mindset. Writing is a stressful activity. If you’re already stressed before writing, you can’t produce anything worthwhile. You need to be in the right mind to tap into your creative ability, and music helps you achieve this. 

  • Music helps to Memorize Content

It’s possible to get better at memorizing content because of music. Listening to music and studying simultaneously can help you link certain pieces of information to the music. Some music artists also use their artistry to pass a message, teach a lesson in history, or educate people about some things happening in our society, such as racism, politics, crime, policies, etc.

It’s not unusual to find people that have learned certain things and remember other things because of music. That’s music’s power, and college students can tap into it.  

  • Music can Boost your Creativity 

Everyone needs creativity for different reasons in their daily lives. We can’t live the life we now live and want to live without properly tapping into our creative potential. As a student, you need your creativity to help you write unique content for your essay papers, assignments, and thesis. 

Some studies also confirm that listening to music in the background while writing can help you write faster and better. The reason is that music helps to boost your creative thinking ability, so it’s easy to create good ideas that you can add to the content you’re writing. 

It’s common knowledge that music takes people on a journey and provides the boost they need to work if they lack motivation or inspiration. Music is an art with words and requires great creativity, so it has enough creativity to help you harness your creative tendencies. Writing professionals even suggest that every own student has headphones, which they can use to listen to music regularly, especially when they need to write an essay. 

  • Music makes Repetitive Activities More Exciting

If you write for a living and have to create several pieces of content regularly per month, then you know that it gets very repetitive. It gets boring and tiring, and you might lose the motivation or zeal to write in no time. This doesn’t just happen with professional writers. It also happens with students – especially students working part-time as writers. 

Generally, students struggle to write essays if they don’t like the topic they’re working on or the course. They don’t find it exciting. They can’t focus on the task. They’re bored with it. The only way to bring that excitement back is through music.

Playing music in the background while working can eliminate boredom and create writing excitement. While the music genre is important, it’s more important to pick a song you love and enjoy. This helps you work better as long as it’s not too heavy on your brain and ears. 

Classical music is the best genre of music to use for writing. It’s soothing and can boost your motivation easily. 


Music does a world of good for you if you have to write. It puts you in the right frame of mind, boosts your creativity, makes you feel excited about the task, etc. This ensures that you come up with the best possible writing. 

Will Jack is an accomplished writer who loves to tell stories and loves to do research. Jack has ten years of experience content writing, so he adds a wealth of knowledge to the process of creating reader-resonant bios. Together with Jack and, learn the craft of writing biographies. Come celebrate with us the diversity and depth of the human experience via the storytelling medium.

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