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How To Increase Followers on Instagram For Real

Instagram followers

Instagram Followers

Every brand is present on Instagram. As of 2023, the social media platform has more than a billion users and is one of the fastest-growing platforms. Its numerous attractive features, such as live, stories, photos, videos, and now reels, have fueled its popularity.

Especially after the advent of reels, Instagram became more popular because many nations banned TikTok. It has resulted in a popular platform that can help brands reach billions with the click of a button.

But you need views to gain popularity and engagement. It is why many Instagram users buy Instagram followers from the best sites to buy Instagram followers. Therefore, we have created this guide to help you acquire followers.

1.  Optimize

Among all the rules of Instagram SEO, the most important one is optimizing. It is crucial to optimize your Instagram account if you want to reach more people and get a wider reach.

The first step to optimizing your Instagram profile is uploading your profile picture. As a business owner, your brand logo must be your primary picture. I will help any user immediately associate your post with your brand.

Then follows the Instagram bio, which offers limited characters. As a result, you must make wise use of the characters available. Add the tagline of our business and add the link to your website. It will help you to drive traffic from Instagram to your website. It will lead to higher sales. Make sure to add links to other platforms, like your Youtube channel, Twitter account, etc.

Optimize your posts too. It includes adding a catchy caption with relevant hashtags. Ensure that you maintain uniformity across the Instagram page. Uniformity gives a professional and clean look to your Instagram feed.

2.  Quantity and Quality

It is 2022 when social media is everywhere. It has penetrated deep inside our lives and affected all parts. From personal to professional spheres, SOCIA media has opened multiple doors.

With so much usage and excitement, the competition is also rising. You cannot compete if you do not serve quality and quantity to your Instagram followers.

Consistency is an essential facet of Instagram. The more you post, the more they can engage. However, quality is equally important. When everyone is especially setting up studies and investing in quality, it becomes a non-negotiable feature.

You must post high-quality videos and images for better engagement. Good quality makes it more visually appealing and professional. As a result, quality and quantity are equally important.

3.  Hashtags

Hashtags are the most vital part of SEO on every social media platform. They are a key feature of optimization and take your posts to the relevant audience.

You must not add too many hashtags and always pick relevant hashtags. Do not add irrelevant hashtags that do not relate to your post. It will confuse the Instagram SEO system and have the opposite impact.

Use the appropriate and related hashtags to increase engagement and gain visibility. Add the words you want your brand or personal posts to be associated with.

4.  Contests and Prizes

No one says no to freebies and fabulous prizes. Therefore, contests and giveaways are a great way to engage your audience and create excitement. Higher engagement, as we know, will result in more visibility and more followers.

However, the secret lies in the steps of participation. You could create rules that every participant has to follow and share a post from the Instagram feed. They will also have to invite at least two friends to participate. Imagine the level of engagement these steps can create.

You can hide the key to winning in one of your posts or reels. As a result, participants would be compelled to interact with your feed, at least in one way.

5.  Audience

Your audience, or followers, is your ultimate judge on Instagram. Therefore, it is crucial to keep them happy. But the real question is how to keep them on your list of followers. People do not like to have a long follow-up list. You must give them a strong reason to follow and stay with you.

Therefore, you must engage with your audience. You have to make your audience feel important and valued. This way they will stay associated with your brand on Instagram and get more Instagram comments.

How can you do it? Reply to comments, solve their doubts and queries, reply to their DMs, and engage in interesting conversations. You can head to Netflix’s Instagram account and see their comments section. You will understand how they leverage these interesting conversations for more engagement.

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Instagram is one of the best marketing tools and offers great creative freedom to everyone. Once you switch to its business profile, you get so many features to help you connect with potential customers. These customers then become loyal followers that drive your brand’s engagement and popularity.

Once you start following the above tips, you will see a change in your engagement rate and the number of followers. You can also buy Instagram users buy Instagram followers from the best sites to buy Instagram followers. When you buy followers and likes, it makes your account look more reliable and attracts the attention of those who do not follow you.

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