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How to Write a Good Essay in One Day: Useful Tips for Students

How to Write a Good Essay in One Day

Teachers often assign essays as homework. If students write a good essay, they get a great final grade. In this article, we want to tell you how to write an essay in one day. After all, students often leave this difficult work for later and start to panic at the end. Read the article to the end to learn all the tips.

Let’s start with a simple understanding of what an essay is. It is an academic and research paper that a student does on a topic. There is no practical chapter in this paper, so there is no need to conduct any experiments, analyses, or surveys. The student only needs to gather material on the topic, study it, revise it, and write the essay.

The student should review the assigned topic. In the paper, you should outline how researchers studied the subject in previous years and how their views have changed to date. Usually, professors do not teach students how to do essays properly. College professors believe that students should learn how to write essays in school. We, the students, become the victims in this case. But you don’t have to worry. And next, we will tell you in detail how to write an essay by yourself in 1 day.

If you want to learn how to write an essay on your own in one day, we recommend that you prepare for serious work immediately. Devote at least 2-3 hours or an entire day to the paper. You need to immerse yourself in your topic and maneuver between different literary sources. Tell all your family and friends not to be distracted, close all social media, and refuse to watch short videos.

To avoid plagiarism, we recommend that all students write an essay themselves, rather than downloading a ready-made one from the Internet. After all, even if you can write a term paper in a week, you will be able to cope with a paper much faster and easier. If you can’t write an essay, you can order academic paper help by WritingAPaper to get assistance from professionals. The specialists of the service always complete students’ assignments perfectly and quickly.

Choosing an Essay Topic

Usually, the professor hands out essay topics to the students. The students sitting at the first desk chose the lightest fields. So try to always sit at the first or second desk from the instructor. This seat has many privileges.

If you already have the most difficult topic, try to switch with someone else. Maybe someone else will find your topic easy. If you don’t understand your topic, go to your teacher and ask him to change it. The teacher can explain the topic to you or let you come up with a topic for your essay. Thus, a good topic is a key to success.

How to Write a Good Essay Introduction?

It is obligatory to begin writing an essay with an introduction. This part of the essay is a description of the entire paper. You must explain why the topic is important to science and society, and why it might be of interest to other studies.

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Maybe your work reveals an important problem in modern society. Examples are the high level of aggression on the Internet, the high rate of depression among young people, the low level of education across the country, etc.

In the introduction, you should define the purpose and objectives of the research. Thus, you can write a good essay if the introduction you explain to yourself and the readers the topic of the paper.

Writing the Main Body

The main part of the essay is the most voluminous. We recommend that you open all sources as well as websites with interesting articles. It will help you gather more information.

Try to highlight helpful information from the sources. And then paraphrase some passages and add them to your work. Remember that an essay is more of an overview of the different points of view of researchers. Therefore, you should cite more often in the text. Anti-plagiarism citations are allowed, but only up to 15% of the whole text.

Supplement other people’s quotations and borrowings with your own comments. Be sure to disclose and explain the thesis statement. You must bring each statement to your topic and your thoughts. You can agree or disagree with the author.

You must also compare the former situation to the present situation and identify the difference. The main body of the essay is of great importance. Thus, if you want to write an essay in one day, you need to stick to the good old tradition and rely on all available sources.

Essay Conclusion

The essay conclusion is the last thing you will need to write on your own. Here you will need to put together the introduction, the main part, and express the conclusion. At the same time, you cannot just copy the text from one chapter and transfer it to the conclusion. Try to retell more and make your conclusions. In this way, you will be able to write an essay.

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