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Influence of Internet Celebrity Interactivity on the Choice of a Major in Education

Influence of Internet Celebrity Interactivity on the Choice of a Major in Education

With the rise of social media came increased exposure to Internet celebrities, new learning techniques, and TikTok videos that keep a person hooked for hours. Some argue that this turns into an addiction and is more detrimental to the mental health of individuals than beneficial. However, limiting a person’s use of those platforms is almost impossible.

That means that celebrities and online stars have more of an impact on people’s lives and their thinking methods. While it often happens indirectly, people inevitably alter their views due to a celebrity’s influence. In fact, the power of these influencers goes beyond just entertainment; they can even inspire positive change, such as promoting educational content or encouraging creative expression through the purchase of TikTok video views.

Hence, a star is more responsible for educating, assisting, and giving back to everyone watching them online. But can they possibly influence a student to pursue a major in education? While it is possible, below is an extensive discussion on how they can impact the academic journey of others.

Learning About Celebrities’ Influence

While discussing whether stars can influence individuals to pursue a major in education, it is essential to note that their influence extends beyond that. One can draw inspiration from their stories and values. Students seek to buy cheap essay at StudyMoose to assist them in their academic journey.

Reading such articles will also help you fully understand how a famous person can impact your decisions. Finding an essay to buy allows you to fully integrate into the topic and understand it from a professional point of view. 

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In a gist, an internet-famous person has the power to become a role model to many. For example, knowing that famous actors have pursued higher education is often inspiring to others. Emma Watson is one of the many examples we genuinely admire for her role in an all-time favorite movie franchise.

It is important to note that celebrities do not simply inspire others to walk the same path they did. Instead, when one admires a famous individual, it drives them to desire distinction and excels in some ways. Hence, it promotes uniqueness and resilience.

How Can Celebrities Inspire Others to Pursue Education?

The most notable thing about celebrity influence is that it is up to the receiving individual to benefit from it. Over time, a person builds enough awareness and independence to evaluate whether the information they absorb is beneficial. Below are the top 5 ways in which stars can inspire others.

  • Promoting Empathy

Part of education is understanding others and exercising empathy. A trait we love to witness is someone able to portray compassion towards others. If someone famous can put themselves in someone else’s shoes, we can further connect and relate to them. This is how they have the power to inspire pupils or future academics. In other words, it drives individuals to be their authentic selves without the fear of judgment.

  • Prioritizing Mental Health

A core part of education is mental health. That is why watching an internet celebrity speak out about his battles is particularly endearing. These struggles range from depression and anxiety to eating disorders. Over 30 individuals have shared their journeys with the rest of the world.

  • Clear Set of Values

If an individual is aspiring to pursue a degree in education, they might be hesitant to do so at first. At the age of eighteen, many are confused as to what the ideal path to take is. However, once you reflect upon more prominent individuals, things can become more set in their place. Those influencers have their values set in place, which we can witness in their behavior. Good influencers stick to their values and morals and do not attempt to push their beliefs on others.

  • Ability to Overcome Obstacles

People believe that the individuals most influenced by celebrities are the ones in school. At a young age, the mind is still susceptible to the opinions and actions of others. That is why stars who share their journeys and how they overcame setbacks inspire all. It encourages the general population to remain persistent and obtain their goals.

  • Giving Back to the Community

Pursuing an education in college entails understanding the ultimate means of addressing issues and teaching others. One can notice this in celebrities’ behavior, especially those who interact with the community around them. Positive role models are focused on the world around them and are not self-centered. This drives their fans to walk the same steps and be an integrated part of their community.

How Celebrities Can Be Negative Influence?

The main problem with people promoting their lifestyle is the need for more conviction. People can only encourage others to follow in their footsteps by fully explaining the consequences and the obstacles they overcame. Hence, if someone abuses their power over the internet, it might backfire. That could lead to resistance to pursuing higher education. Some examples of negative influence include:

  • People promote a Internet Celebrity product to obtain money and fame. People watching might not be aware of the desire to pursue money.
  • Photoshop is an integrated part of social media. If awareness is not spread, people might compare themselves to the pictures they see without knowing they have been altered.
  • Similar to how a teacher can impact a student’s life, celebrities might take advantage of young minds as they are malleable.
  • A vital lesson one must learn is privacy. However, we sometimes witness famous people sharing their mental breakdowns in an unhealthy manner.

Good Role Models for Education

While we notice the more interesting aspect of people’s lives through social media, we are unaware of the humanitarian projects some pursue. The younger generation wants to learn how to be internet famous, which does not often work out for everyone. Hence, it is vital to highlight the critical influence of those prominent individuals.

Pursuing a university education is an integrated aspect of our lives. It provides innumerable opportunities, whether they are social or academic. That is why it is heartwarming witnessing celebrities pursue their academic lives and encourage others to do the same.

Some have been abused and attacked throughout their journey but never gave up on their dreams. A prime example is Malala Yousafzai, who, despite being in danger when going to classes, still managed to persevere. 

Another great example is Taylor Swift, who has recently obtained an honorary degree. She founded Taylor Swift Education Center to encourage others to attain their academic goals. Another example is LeBron James, who aims to promote learning by donating part of his earnings to schools.

We all know about Oprah, possibly one of the most generous individuals in the world. She even assisted in the building of schools throughout South Africa. There are multiple examples of how celebrities encourage the pursuit of education.


The bottom line is that celebrities have an extensive network of power in how we witness the world. However, that does not entail an overall positive influence. If you aim to pursue a degree in education, it is up to you to extract the positive aspect of these individuals’ impact on us.

In other words, it all boils down to knowing whom to trust and which individuals to consider as role models. The article above extensively describes the positive and negative influence role models can have on you. However, in the end, you should be able to distinguish between the healthy and unhealthy behavior famous people exhibit. They are human, after all.

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