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Jodi Arias Net Worth 2023; Income, Boyfriend & Biography

Jodi Arias Net Worth

Who Is Jodi Arias?

Jodi Arias, an American Criminal, was convicted of the murder his ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander (Travis Victor Alexander) on June 4, 2008, in his house in Mesa, Arizona, United States. She states that she killed him for herself in defense, but she was convicted of murdering him with knife wounds and a gunshot to the head in front of the jury. In 2023, Jodi Arias’s net worth is around $25 million.

Real Name:       Jodi Ann Arias
Date of birth: July 9, 1980
Age: 43 years old
Height: 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m)
Birthplace: Salinas California, America
Nationality: American
Ex-Boyfriend: Travis Alexander
Profession: Criminal, First-Degree Murder
Jodi Arias Net Worth 2023: $25 million

Early Life

Jodi Arias’s television personality was born on July 9, 1980, in Salinas, California, United States. Jodi, an American citizen, belongs to the Mexican-German ethnicity, and her zodiac sign is cancer.

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She completed his school at Yreka Union High School. She lived with her family in her grandparent’s house. Her father’s name is William, and her mother is Sandy S. Aries. She has four siblings.

Personal Life

Jodi Ann Arias and his boyfriend Travis Victor Alexander first met at the PPL conference in September 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

They started their relationship on November 26, 2006. The couple started dating in February 2007. The couple lived together in Travis’s house in Mesa, Arizona, United States.

In March 2007, she was the move to Yreka, California, to his grandparents’ house and lived there. The couple has some misunderstandings, and they separate.

As reported online media, she was pregnant with Travis, but his boyfriend didn’t want a pregnancy.

Travis Alexander Background

Travis was born on July 28, 1977, in Riverside, California, and his full name is Travis Victor Alexander.

His father was Gary David Alexander (1948-1997), and his mother was Pamela Elizabeth Morgan Alexander (1953–2005). After his father’s death, he moved with his paternal grandparents.

Travis Alexander Profession

Travis is a salesman and supports his family. He was 11 years old when his father died.

Later, he started a motivational speech for Pre-Paid Legal Services (PPL). He is known as a motivational speaker. He has seven siblings and was taken by their paternal grandmother.

Age, Height, and Weight

In 2023, Jodi Arias will be 43 years old. Jodi Arias’s height is 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm). His weight is 70 kg in pounds: 154 lbs.

Professional Life

Jodi Arias completed his school education at Yreka Union High School. She lived with his grandparents in Yreka, California. She starts working on the PPL conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. These days she starts dating his boyfriend. She does not do much work there.


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She is a television personality and worked on a series of death-end jobs. At the same time, start a relationship with a cheating boyfriend. She also got a job from LegalShield, works from home, and gets a sales force on commission.

The murder of Travis Alexander 

Jodi Arias was the murderer of her ex-boyfriend on Wednesday, June 4, 2008. First, she attempted with a knife, and he sustained 27 to 29 stab wounds, then a gunshot to his head.

Kevin Horn (medical examiner) declared she cut the vane on his hand, and he died before from a gunshot. Jodi Arias was convicted as a murderer. Travis Alexander’s body was founded on June 9, 2008, and he was buried at Riverside’s Olivewood Memorial Park cemetery.

Jodi was convicted of the first-degree murder of her ex-boyfriend on May 8, 2013. On April 13, 2015, the jury announced life in prison without the possibility of parole. This case ran a long time, and she was eventually convicted.

Social Media Links

Jodi Arias loves to share his pictures and videos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He continuously shares his activities on social platforms to engage his fans. He has 1197 followers on Instagram. He is a celebrity star who has been widely followed on social media sites. Jodi Arias’s net worth in 2023 is $25 million.

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Jodi Arias Net worth in 2023 / Jodi Arias Salary / Income

In 2023, Jodi Arias’s net worth is around $25 million. Jodi Arias well knows professional television personality, and she also converted into the murderer of her boyfriend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Jodi Arias is so famous?

Jodi Arias is well-known for the murder his ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander (Travis Victor Alexander).

How old is Jodi Arias?

Jodi Arias was born on July 9, 1980, and she is 42 years old.

What happened with Jodi Arias?

Jodi Arias was convicted by the jury and sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for the murder of her boyfriend.

How rich is Jodi Arias?

Jodi Arias’s net worth is estimated at $25 million.

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