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Kevin Hart Net Worth 2023; Income, Wife, Movie & Biography



Kevin Hart Net Worth

For a boy that was born in the troubled suburbs of North Philadelphia on July 6, 1979 comedy actor Kevin Hart has done rather well for himself ever since. Latest industry estimates suggest that the hard-working American star is now able to boast a Kevin Hart net worth of at least US $450 million.

If you only know him from his movie roles, check this out: Kevin has plenty of strings to his bow. He is a businessman, actor, comedian, screenwriter, endorser, and producer – and famously he is also a skilled online poker player.

So how has the poor boy from Pennsylvannia become so rich?

Check this out: industry experts estimate that between August 2015 and August 2016, Kevin earned around $90 million from a mix of various sources like touring, movies, merchandise, and endorsements.

Then between June 2017 and June 2018, he was able to earn another $60 million. The following year he made $60 million again, followed by yet another $40 million.

In 2022 he raised another $100 million to finance a media project he called HartBeat. In that process, his personal project was valued at $650m. Latest estimates put his assets at around $450 million – but recognize that the full total could be higher.


Kevin was raised along with his older brother Robert in a difficult, crime-filled area of Philadelphia by their mother Nancy. She was a computer systems analyst in the Student Registration and Financial Services Department of the University of Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, the boy’s father was a drug addict who was frequently in jail. Kevin now says that he developed his sense of humor as a way of coping with the problems he faced growing up.

The young Kevin graduated from George Washington High School in the city – but later he dropped out of the Philadelphia Community College.

Kevin then moved north to New York City before settling in the Boston area. But stardom seemed a long way off at this point – in fact, Kevin Hart was working as a shoe salesman.

The start of a comedy career

Hart’s comedy career began almost by chance. He started by stumbling on the stage to perform at an amateur night in the Philly area.

He now recalls that he was not exactly an immediate success. In fact in his early gigs, like the one at The Laff House in Philadelphia, he was often booed off the stage.

Kevin now says he started without knowing what to do. He was trying to copy other famous comedians, like Chris Tucker.

To put it mildly, it didn’t work. He was savvy enough to do a quick rethink. From that point, the real Kevin Hart emerged. His career quickly took an upward turn.

Career success

In 2009 Hart started a major comedy tour called ‘I’m a grown little man’. The following year he toured with his show called ‘Seriously funny’. These two early shows were very much boosted by appearances on TV’s Comedy Central. The TV successes soon lead to movie offers too.

As things accelerated Kevin planned other tours called ‘Laugh at my pain’ and ‘Let me explain’. These two traveling shows were so popular they were released as movies.

Kevin was also landing good roles in movies like The 40-year-old Virgin, Soul Plane, and Little Fockers. Other big roles include Jumanji, The Secret Life of Pets, and Central Intelligence.

His 2015 tour included 168 worldwide dates. This ‘What now?’ tour was released as a movie by Universal in the same year. The subsequent ‘Irresponsible’ Tour generated yet more millions for the growing Hart empire.

The work schedule has grown, with Kevin appearing in scores of movies and TV shows – and keeping up his busy live touring schedule. The whole varied operation is controlled by his own company HartBeat Productions.

This is big enough to employ around 40 staff. This team keeps tight control of all his businesses, radio, streaming, TV, movie, and live appearances.

Other Hart successes

Kevin has also teamed with Tommy John to release an underwear brand and has taken endorsement deals with major corporations like Samsung, Wrangler, and AT&T. In 2018 Kevin launched the Laugh Out Loud comedy streaming service that also included a comedy radio show.

Hart has also become an acclaimed name in the world of poker, He has triumphed in a poker tournament and his earnings are measured in the tens of thousands.

Personal life

Kevin is divorced from fellow comedian Torrei Hart. The couple has two children, a girl, and a boy. In 2016 he married Eniko Parrish in California. They also have a son and daughter. As of 2023, Kevin Hart net worth is estimated to be around $450 million.

Kevin has had a difficult sequence of car incidents, including a three-year probation sentence from drink driving. Hart’s main residence currently is a big luxury Spanish-style home that he has built in California. It must seem a long way from those Philly suburbs.

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