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Pamela Hilburger: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio/Wiki 2024



Pamela Hilburger: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio/Wiki 2024

Once upon a time, a baby girl named Pamela Hilburger was born in a faraway land called Germany. This story is about her wonderful journey through life. Pamela has done many interesting things and met many special people. Let’s dive into her story to learn all about her!

Who is Pamela Hilburger?

Pamela Hilburger is a talented lady who became well-known because she married a famous wrestler, Hiroaki Aoki. Hiroaki, or Rocky Aoki, was not just a wrestler but also a smart businessman who started a famous chain of restaurants called Benihana. These restaurants are very popular in the United States. However, Pamela is not only known for being Rocky’s wife; she is also a successful jewelry businesswoman.

After they divorced, Pamela became successful in the jewelry business. She’s also the mom of Devon Aoki, a well-known actress and model. Pamela was born in 1951 in Germany and now lives in Canoga Park, California.


Full Name Pamela Hilburger
Year Of Birth 1951
Age Around 73 years old in 2024
Place of Birth Germany
Ex-Husband Hiroaki ‘Rocky’ Aoki (1981-1991)
Profession Jewellery designer
Net Worth 1M-5M$

Early Life and Education

Pamela was born in 1951 in Germany. As a little girl, she was very curious and loved learning new things. Like all children, she attended school and enjoyed reading books, painting, and playing with her friends. Pamela was always very creative, which later helped her become a great jewelry designer.

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When Pamela grew up, she decided to learn more about making beautiful jewelry. She studied hard and learned everything she could about designing and creating lovely jewelry. This education helped her start her own jewelry business later in life. Education is important, and Pamela must have enjoyed learning new things and making friends.

Parents and Siblings

Pamela’s parents were very supportive and loving. They always encouraged her to follow her dreams. They wanted her to be happy and successful in whatever she chose to do. Pamela also had siblings who played with her and shared many fun moments.

Her family was always there for her, cheering her on and helping her when needed. This strong family support helped Pamela become the strong and successful woman she is today. Even though we don’t know much about Pamela’s family, we can imagine they were proud of her when she grew up and did amazing things in her life.

Husband and Boyfriend

Pamela met a wonderful man named Hiroaki Aoki, a famous wrestler and businessman. They fell in love and got married. Hiroaki, known as Rocky Aoki, started a chain of restaurants called Benihana, where chefs cook delicious food right in front of the customers. They had a daughter named Devon Aoki, who became a famous model and actress.

Even though Pamela and Rocky later divorced, they had many happy times together. After their divorce, Pamela focused on her jewelry business and continued to build her own career.

Age, Weight, Height, and Physical Appearance

Pamela Hilburger was born in 1951 and will be 72 in 2023. She lives in Canoga Park, California. Pamela is a lovely lady who takes good care of herself. She is of average height and has a kind and friendly smile. Her appearance shows that she is graceful and elegant, just like the beautiful jewelry she creates.

Pamela Hilburger Career

Pamela is very talented at making beautiful jewelry. After her divorce from Rocky, she started her own jewelry business. She worked very hard and used her creative skills to design stunning pieces. Her business became very successful, and many people love to buy and wear her creations.

Pamela’s career in jewelry design shows how important it is to follow your dreams and work hard. She turned her passion into a successful business and made a name for herself in the jewelry world.

Social Media Presence

Pamela Hilburger likes to share her beautiful jewelry designs with the world. She uses social media to show her creations to her fans and customers. On platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Pamela posts pictures of her new jewelry pieces, and people love to see them.

Social media helps Pamela connect with her customers and fans, allowing her to share her passion for jewelry with a wide audience. She enjoys reading the nice comments and feedback from her followers.

Net Worth and Achievements

Pamela has worked hard to build her jewelry business, and her efforts have paid off. She has made a lot of money from her successful business, and her net worth is a sign of her talent and hard work.

Pamela’s achievements include her successful business and the beautiful jewelry she creates. Each piece of jewelry is a testament to her creativity and dedication. She is proud of her accomplishments and strives for excellence in her work.

Pamela Hilburger Hobbies

Pamela enjoys many hobbies in her free time. Some of her favorite hobbies include:

  • Designing new jewellery pieces
  • Painting beautiful pictures
  • Reading interesting books
  • Spending time with her family and friends
  • Travelling to new and exciting places

These hobbies help Pamela relax and enjoy life.

Interesting Facts About Pamela Hilburger

Here are some fun and interesting facts about Pamela Hilburger:

  • She was born in Germany but now lives in California.
  • Pamela was married to a famous wrestler and businessman, Hiroaki Aoki.
  • She has a daughter named Devon Aoki, a famous model and actress.
  • Pamela loves creating beautiful jewelry and has her own successful business.
  • She enjoys traveling and exploring new places.


Q: Where was Pamela Hilburger born?

A: Pamela was born in Germany.

Q: How old is Pamela Hilburger?

A: Pamela is 72 years old as of 2023.

Q: What is Pamela Hilburger’s profession?

A: Pamela is a successful jewelry designer.

Q: Who was Pamela Hilburger married to?

A: She married Hiroaki Aoki, a famous wrestler and businessman.

Q: Does Pamela Hilburger have any children?

A: Yes, she has a daughter named Devon Aoki.


Pamela Hilburger’s life is a wonderful story of creativity, hard work, and success. From her early days in Germany to her successful jewelry business in California, she has achieved a lot. She shows us that we can achieve our dreams with passion and determination. Pamela’s story inspires us to follow our passions and work hard to make them come true.

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