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Pedro Rivera Net Worth 2023; Income, Wife & Biography



Pedro Rivera Net Worth

Who is Pedro Rivera?

Pedro Rivera is famous as a Mexican actor, producer, singer, and songwriter. He knows as a Latin music world who has toured worldwide. Pedro has been a photographer and street vendor. He is a musician and producer of one of his top career’s most prominent record labels. In 2023, Pedro Rivera’s net worth is around $4 million.

Real Name:       Pedro Rivera Cervantes
Date of birth: February 23, 1947
Age: 76 years old
Height: 6 feet 1 inch
Birthplace: La Barca, Jalisco, Mexico
Nationality: Mexico
Wife: Rose Saavedra (1963-2008)

Juana Ahumada (2009-present)

Profession: Actor, Singer, composer, Producer
Pedro Rivera Net Worth 2023: $4 million

Early Life

Pedro Rivera was born on February 23, 1947, in La Barca, Jalisco, Mexico. Pedro belongs to an average family; before his success, he is a former street vendor, photographer, and gangster.

He did several jobs and worked for success in his career, but he was not a success. He feels terrible and tries again and again.

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In 1966, he immigrated and went to the US to struggle for a career. Pedro wants to do their best for their children and family.

He started as a singer and created a new record. He struggles with his own hard-working without any support.

Personal Life

Pedro’s First wife, Rose Saavedra (1963-2008)

Pedro Rivero married Rose Saavedra in 1963 in Mexico. He and his wife were struggling for their family career. The Couple was doing different businesses and jobs for success.

To start, try a local job in numerical fields and try to earn handsome money. Pedro thinks this is not easy and makes it successful he moves to the US and starts sing-song. Soon he releases successful albums.

Rosa’s real name is Rosa Amelia Saavedra, and she was born on April 18, 1944, in Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico. He knows as six child mother and her daughter Jenni Rivera who is dead on the airplane.

In 2008, Rose Saavedra took a divorce from Pedro because he has relation with the outdoors. The Couple blesses 4 children, and their famous children play a role in a different category in the film industry.

Pedro’s First wife, Rose Saavedra children

Rosie Rivera was born on July 3, 1981, Rosie Rivera was born in Long Beach, California, America. Rosie’s real name is Rosa Amelia Rivera, and she is a businesswoman and television personality.

She performed in reality shoes like I Like Jenni and Rice Famous Latina. Rosie looks up to the chief executive officer of Jenni Rivera Enterprises. Rosie had a daughter Kassandra with her ex-boyfriend in 2003.

Pedro Rivera Jr. was born on April 20, 1964, in California, America, and is known as a pastor and singer. After releasing worship albums Yo Le Alabo De Corazon, Yo Te agradesco, and many others, he knows.

He was a singer and respected pastor, which is why he was famous in public. Pedro Rivera Jr now 57 years old, and his net worth is $12.5 million.

Jenni Rivera was an American television personality, actress, singer, songwriter, and producer. On July 2, 1969, Jenni was born in Long Beach, California. Jenni is the best singer with a unique style of singing.

She knows for her work on television and was named her magazine in top Latin artist of 2013. Jennie died in Aero Plain on December 9, 2012, at 43 years.

Lupillo Rivera is their real name Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra but is better known for their stage name Lupillo Rivera. He is an American singer, songwriter, and award-winning 2010 Grammy Award for his Album.

He was born in Long Beach, California, America. He graduated from Beach Polytechnic High School in 1990. I start his career, he wants to open a restaurant, but he gives a chance to hand his own experience in a recording label studio.

Juan Rivera, an actor and singer whose famous song is “El Ser Equicocado” was released in the 2013 album Oveja Negra, and “La Lampara” released in 1998 album Chwlo Con Tambora and performed on television himself in the 2013 “Billboard Latin Music Awards”.

Gustavo Rivera is an American singer born on March 1, 1966, in Sonora, Mexico. His nickname is Gus, and he married Martha Duarte in 1989. The Couple blessed two children named is Gustavo Rivera Jr., a son born in 1990, and a daughter Karina Rivera born in 1990.

Age, Height, and Weight

In 2023, Pedro Rivera will be 76 years old. Pedro River’s height is 6 feet 1 inch (196 cm). His weight is 55 kg in pounds: 121 lbs.

Professional Life

Pedro Rivera started his career with a belt job and worked in his own different business. His first wife, Rose Saavedra, helped to establish a successful business. He started small businesses and jobs in Mexico, but he was not established. Before he knew the music industry, he started as a salesman, a former photographer, etc.

Pedro decides to move to California, the USA, where he practices in a small business, and then he changes his career line into the film industry. He starts sing-song with a beautiful voice. Soon he was successful, and his songs people like to hear.

He knows for his movie performance like Escape Sangriento 1985, The Sheltering Sky 2019, and El Innocent 2018. These are the best movies in which performance is like and gets fame. He also works in different film and music departments as a composer and playback singer.

He has performed in film since 1985 and is also the producer of La Dinastia de Los Perez. He performs in television in Dante Night Show 2016 as guest star, Noches cos Platanito as self-guest and El pelado de la noche. He earns mostly from sold-out albums such as Por Causa del Celular, Que Me Entierren Cantando, Borradita Diente de Oro, Adios a Colosio, and more.

Social Media Links

Pedro Rivera loves to share his pictures and videos on his Social Media account. He continuously shares his activities on social platforms to engage his fans. He has 116K followers on Twitter. He is a celebrity star who has been widely followed on social media sites. Pedro Rivera’s net worth in 2023 is $1 million.

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Pedro Rivera Net worth in 2023 / Pedro Rivera Salary / Income

In 2023, Pedro Rivera’s net worth is around $4 million. Pedro Rivera is a famous actor and singer whose family is also related to the film industry.

Initially, he was not famous he works in different fields and then turn to the music industry. He is the best singer in America. He and his family make their own brands of music records.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Pedro Rivera is so famous?

Pedro Rivera is a well-known Mexican actor, producer, singer, and songwriter.

How old is Pedro Rivera?

He was born on February 23, 1947, and he is 75 years old.

Who is Pedro Rivera’s wife?

Pedro Rivera’s first wife Rose Saavedra they were married in 1963 but divorced in 2008. His second wife’s name is Juana Ahumada, they were married in 2009 and they are still together.

Who is Pedro Rivera married to now?

Second, married of Pedro Rivera

Pedro Rivera second married Juana Ahumada in 2009 in Huntington Park, Park. This marriage was highly private, and only a few relatives were allowed in the wedding ceremony. Juana has been a personal assistant of Pedro Rivera for eight years. The Couple decided to marry each other and live to gather.

Juana De Ahumada was born on August 7, 1980 in America. She is now famous as the wife of Pedro Rivera. Both nationalities are Mexican and American. People mostly search for Juana’s daughter, but she doesn’t give birth to her daughter or son. Juana is 42 year old a young lady, and her height is 5 feet and 5 inches. Juana’s net worth is approximately 400K.

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