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Robbi Jade Lew Net Worth 2023; Income, Husband & Biography

Robbi Jade Lew Net Worth

Who is Robbi Jade Lew?

Robbi Jade Lew is an American poker player. She is best known for winning the all-in-hand pot against Garrett Adelstein on the Hustler Casino Live stream on Thursday night. Then she was subsequently accused by Adelstein of cheating in the game. Our sources indicate that Robbi Jade Lew net worth is estimated to be $1 million in 2023.

Robbi Jade Lew is an American poker player who gained instant recognition in the industry after making a controversial call against Garrett Adelstein during the Hustler Casino Live stream.

Real Name:       Robbi Jade Lew
Date of birth: 1987
Age: 36 years old
Height: 6 Feet 1 Inch
Birthplace: Saudi Arabia
Nationality: Arabian and American
Husband: Charles Lew
Profession: Poker Player
Robbi Jade Lew Net Worth 2023: $1 Million

Early Life

Robbi Jade Lew was born in 1987, in Saudi Arabia. Her birth name is Robbi Jade Lew. Now she is 36 years old and holds both Saudi Arabian and American nationality.

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Robbi was born to a doctor mother and a physicist father and has an identical twin sister and a younger brother. When she was five years old the family moved to Berkeley and later moved to Orinda.

Robbi graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a double major in law and society and philosophy. She has appeared twice in the Hustler Casino Live tournament.

Personal Life: Husband, Boyfriend, Dating, Divorce, Kids

Robbi Jade Lew is a married woman. She was married to Charles Lew who is a lawyer, journalist, and businessman. Robbi told the LA Times “My husband is a very successful man. You can Google him,”.

“He has a massive law firm called the Lew Firm. He’s an owner-partner in several bars, restaurants, and a hotel or two. He’s the No. 1 metaverse lawyer in the nation as well as a professor at Loyola Law School. He teaches a metaverse class every week.”

Age, Height, and Weight

Robbi Jade Lew is currently 36 years old and stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch. Unfortunately, her weight is currently unknown.

Professional Life

Robbi Jade Lew started their professional career as a poker player. She played with a professional poker player, Garrett Adelstein at the 24-hour Hustler Casino in California.

In the Livestream game, Robbi shocked Adelstein into quiet when she unexpectedly settled on a decision to bet everything even though she had a generally unfortunate hand.


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Lew had to bet everything with her $130,000 hand by Adelstein. After she uncovered her cards, Adelstein was stunned to see her having a Jack high. She at last dominated the match and took the whole $269,000 pot

After the COVID-19 pandemic, she started playing poker more seriously. She also served in a senior position for the pharmaceutical company, Bayer. For more than 11 years Garrett Adelstein has been playing poker professionally.

He is best known for his aggression and large wagers. He is also known on live-no-limit hold’em cash games.

On Thursday night Robbie outshined Adelstein during the casino’s Livestream game. She had Jack-four offsuit, while Adelstein had the 7 and 8 of clubs.

Garrett Adelstein has spent a decade as a professional poker player. He has earned a reputation for his boldness and willingness to take risks. He is well known as the best player in the world at live, no-limit hold’em cash games.

Social Media Links

Robbi Jade Lew is an avid social media user who enjoys sharing her photos and videos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She regularly updates her followers with her daily activities to keep them engaged. With 26.5K followers on Instagram, Robbi Jade Lew is a prominent celebrity with a significant social media presence. It is estimated that her net worth will be around $1 million in 2023.

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Robbi Jade Lew Net Worth in 2023 / Robbi Jade Lew Salary / Income

Our source estimates that Robbi Jade Lew has a net worth of $1 million as of 2023. She has earned this wealth through her successful career in professional social poker, primarily from playing poker and winning prizes. Additionally, she generates income through brand promotions, endorsements, and sponsorships.

Robbi Jade Lew visited the Hustler Casino twice for games and reportedly won slightly over $100,000. However, after the contentious live face-off with Garrett Adelstein, the Hustler Casino stated that players would not be permitted to participate in the game until a comprehensive investigation had been conducted.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the net worth of Robbi Jade Lew?

Robbi Jade Lew is a well-known American poker player who gained recognition in the poker industry for making a controversial call against Garrett Adelstein while playing at the Hustler Casino. Her estimated net worth is approximately one million US dollars.

  • What is Robbi’s country of origin?

She spends her childhood in the Pacific Palisades district of Los Angeles, California. In an interview with Los Angeles Times, she told that she was born in Saudi Arabia to a doctor mother and a physicist father while she also has a twin sister and a brother.
  • Whom did Robbi make her money?

She made two appearances in the Hustler Casino Poker Event from which she accumulated over 100,000 dollars as a professional poker player.

  • Does Robbi have any twin sisters?

Yes, it is true that she has an identical twin sister and a younger brother. She moved with her family to Berkeley when she was about 5 years old and later moved to Orinda.

  • Is Robbi Jade Lew married?

Yes, she is married to Charles Lew for more than a decade she describes her husband as a successful man as being a lawyer, journalist, and businessman.

  • Did Robbi Jade Lew have a Lie Detector test?

After being proven that she was a cheater, to prove herself she did not only pass the polygraph test but also tried to file the charges against her alleged, Bryan Saqbigsal.

  • Does Robbi own Real Estate?

She has a massive partnership with several bars, restaurants, and two hotels while her husband also owns a Law Firm known as Lew Firm and is The 1 Metaverse lawyer in the United States.

  • Why did she return the money she won?

She won an all-in-hand game for about $269,000 from Garrett Adelstein who lost and think that she cheated she ended up giving up the money back that she won due to bullying done by Adelstein.

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