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Streamer Roshtein Net Worth 2023; Income & Biography



Streamer Roshtein Net Worth

Who is Streamer Roshtein?

Roshtein is arguably one of the most popular online casino streamers out there. He spends most of his time playing slots, among other online casino games. The gamer is a high roller and tutors many gamers on how to make money online effectively. Streamer Roshtein Net Worth is a realistic amount that you would expect from anyone who puts in such an effort.

His real name is Ishmael Schwartz, and he comes from Sweden. The name Roshtein comes from a famous American gambler of the 1800s who had the same name. There is little about his background or any other interests in life. He also does not showcase his wealth on social media platforms.

Most of the time, he appears with his right-hand man, Deuce Ace, who also has a channel that streams slots on the platform. Here is a breakdown of his net worth and some of the leading sources of his wealth. Rotstein is estimated to be worth between €125.5 million and €130.5 million in 2022.

When Did Roshtein Start Streaming?

Roshtein started streaming around 2015. At the time, slots streaming was still a new concept that most people did not understand. Therefore, it took time for him to get a sizeable audience. By the end of 2017, he had about 30,000 followers, but the average viewership was below 1,000.

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Fortunately, he has grown in the content and number of followers on his platform. Currently, the steamer has over 800,000 followers and enjoys over 20,000 concurrent viewers. Over the years, he has put in thousands of hours of streaming. This is where the numbers started streaming in.

How Does He Make His Money?

A huge portion of the money that Roshtein has made comes from wagering on slots. He has an excellent work ethic and is meticulous in the selection of his games, as well as the amounts he bets. That is why he makes more net winnings than losses. He makes bets of hundreds and thousands of Euros per spin frequently, which often translates to hundreds of thousands in winnings.

Besides, the player gets bonuses that are several hundred times higher than ordinary players. His bonuses are usually between 400% and 600% of the ordinary offer. This increases the chances that he will walk away with life-changing amounts. One of the biggest wins that he has made to date was in 2021 when he won a whopping $16,650,000 in Wanted – Dead or Wild.

Roshtein posts new content on Twitch almost daily. He then uploads some of the material to his YouTube channel. The stream usually goes for a few hours a day. When he enters a slot tournament, the stream can last up to half a day.

Income from Affiliate Marketing and Revenue Sharing

It is believed that about 25% of all the new viewers on his Twitch channel proceed to join casinos that he has affiliate contacts with, although he does not share links. He plays in real money casinos and directs his viewers to do the same. It is estimated that he makes per CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). Given that he gets about 15,000 unique visitors, he could easily walk home with about 1.8 million from the affiliate links alone.

To enable his viewers to get the links to the casinos that he works with, he has created his own personal website. The personal platform is not regarded as a gambling website, and he is free to share the links. On the site, his viewers can access different welcome bonuses from casinos he has contracts with.

Roshtein is also on YouTube. However, he has very few videos on the platform compared to those on Twitch. He has about 112 videos on the platform, with each garnering over 3.5 million views to date. It is estimated that the channel is worth about $131,000. Ad revenue from YouTube can earn him up to $20,000 per year. He monetizes about 80% of the views on his channel due to ad blockers and related tools.

Does Roshtein have a Partnership with Twitch?

Roshtein does not have any partnership deals with Twitch. Therefore, he is not making cash directly from selling anything on his platform. His viewers cannot donate bits, as is the norm with other Twitch streamers, and subscriptions are limited. The lack of monetarization came about when Twitch made alterations to its terms and conditions.

Some of the sweeping changes were the banning of sharing hyperlinks based on casinos and other gambling activities to protect users from questionable gambling services. At some point in mid-August, his account was banned from Twitch due to these links. The ban only lasted for 16 hours.

How Much Does Roshtein Lose in Gambling?

Slots are games of chance. Therefore, there is as high a chance of a loss as there is of a win. It is not any different for Roshtein. Despite making lots of cash on slots, he still loses a lot.
The recovery comes about when he makes a big win. He has lost up to $40,000 per week, an amount that many gamers cannot afford. Fortunately, his consistency lets him make some net winnings from his wagers.

Is Roshtein Fake?

As mentioned on Roshtein triggered some chatter about being fake and not actually staking the amount that he shows his viewers. The reason is that he makes outrageously high amounts for his deposits. In most cases, he bets the maximum allowed for a spin. However, he has come out regularly to say that he actually uses real money wagers and has even shown his deposits. Some analysts believe that he gets loans from casinos he represents and pays them back after making some good wins.

Whichever the case, he still makes some tidy sums from his gambling activity. Therefore, it is safe to say that his net worth is a realistic amount that you would expect from anyone who puts in such an effort.

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