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Streamer TrainwrecksTV Net Worth 2023; Income & Biography

Streamer TrainwrecksTV Net Worth

Who is Streamer TrainwrecksTV?

TrainwrecksTV is an Iranian-American internet gaming streamer that resides in Vancouver, Canada. He started to stream on Twitch in 2014 after gaining considerable popularity from collaborating with other leading streamers on Among Us. His channel is the most watched on the streaming platform and the fifth most watched English Channel on Twitch.

How Much is TrainwrecksTV Worth?

It is estimated that the casino streamer TrainwrecksTV is worth just above $2 million. Most of his money is earned from sponsorships, donations, and Twitch subscribers. He also makes some cash from YouTube revenue and his podcast, ‘Scuffed Podcast’. The streamer has also been promoting his content across several websites to increase his revenue numbers.

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Of the events, the highest available amount was from the Among Us tournament, where he made $5K in prize money in October 2020. In addition to this, he has been sponsored by GFuel and CashApp in the past.

A Breakdown of Income Streams

How Much Does He Make from Twitch?

TrainwrecksTV earns through ad revenue when Twitch places ads during live streams. He also makes cash from active subscribers, sponsorships, and donations. He also has an exclusive contract with Twitch which binds him to not stream content on any other platform.

His channel has more than 20,000 active paid subscriptions, which net him about $77,000 monthly. This translates to about $840,000 annually. He also makes cash from ads that come to about $6,400 each month. The streamer also makes additional cash from donations from StreamLabs Prime and Twitch Cheering, which amounts to about $4,000 a month.

On Twitch, the revenue is split between the content creator and the platform. New streamers are placed in the first-tier earning bracket and make half of the money generated from their content. Once one hits over 1,000 views a month, they get into tier 2 at 60/40 revenue share. TrainwrecksTV is in Tier 3, where he makes 70% of the revenue collected.

How Much Does He Make from YouTube?

TrainwrecksTV has amassed over 27,645,185 views since he joined YouTube in 2015. Since he has an exclusive contract with Twitch, he does not stream on YouTube. He instead uploads IRL vlog-type videos on YouTube along with stream highlights. The gamer earns most of the revenue from ads viewed by people that visit his profile on YouTube. He is estimated to make about $105,844 a month from advertisements.

YouTube pays content creators per 1,000 views (CPM). On average, gaming content creators earn $2 to $10 CPM on the channel. Unfortunately, not all views are monetized due to ad blocking software. The average that one makes is from about 80% of the views.

The streamer runs around 231 hours a month with about 22,900 viewers. He runs ads twice an hour at a CPM of about $8 to $10. These two channels are thought to earn him a little shy of $100,000 a month, or about $1.12 million yearly.

Other Sources of Income

Merchandise Sales

TrainwrecksTV has exclusive merchandise sales available at This is also his personal merchandise store. It is not clear how much he makes from the store each month.


There are several big-time sponsors that support the streamer. Many of them are undisclosed gambling sites. Some of them include CashApp, G Fuel, Square and Respawn Entertainment. It is estimated that sponsorships earn him anything between $2,500 and $5,000 a month.

TrainwrecksTV has made big wins and losses in the games that he plays. He had won a whopping $14 million at one point and lost about 30% of it within a short period.

How Did TrainwrecksTV Become Famous?

TrainwrecksTV had a considerable following before he started streaming gambling content on Twitch. When gambling became a trend, he decided to start streaming. He earned a whopping 5,000 in average monthly viewership while he was still new. The streamer now has over 25,000 monthly views from slots streams and Just Chatting platforms.

The Scuffed Podcast is another platform that has made him famous. Some of the popular streamers that have made their way onto his podcast include NICKMERCS, Tfue, xQc, Pokimane, Moe_tv, and Mia Malkova. This has increased the number of people that increase his content due to the influence of other streamers.

What Are Some Highlights of His Gambling Career?

TrainwrecksTV has been banned from Twitch twice for making misogynistic rants about other streamers, especially female ones, for stealing viewers from other channels. He then proceeded to call them derogatory names.

In the first instance, he was banned for five days and later for a longer period. Otherwise, there have been a few other ugly incidents in his career. He also travels outside Canada very few times.

He has also been banned from the NoPixel GTA V RP server for not following the rules of using the platform. According to Vienne Garcia from Casino.Guide TrainwrecksTV continues to gain more viewers largely due to his energetic performance on live stream and the practical information that he gives his viewers.

How Much Does He Spend?

TrainwrecksTV spends most of the revenue that it earns from gambling. In slots, the amount you wager determines the potential earnings to a great extent. The streamer is known to wager huge amounts on high-volatility slots, some of which give him good returns. However, he is estimated to lose about 30% of his money to gambling activities.

His reason for staying in Canada is largely to escape the gambling laws. In some parts of Canada, gambling is allowed, unlike in the US, where there are tough restrictions on the same. With several options at hand, the gambling streamer can make it big and choose the best options.

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