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TommyInnit Net Worth 2022; How Much Rich he is?

TommyInnit Net Worth

Who is TommyInnit?

Thomas Simons is, mostly known as TommyInnit, is a British YouTube and Twitch star. He is popular by live streaming Minecraft videos on Twitch and YouTube. He is best known for his fun and energetic gaming content and mostly Minecraft-related. He was usually posted videos related to Dream SMP, SMP Earth, Hypixel Skyblock, and Minecraft Championship. In 2022, TommyInnit net worth will be $7 million.

If you want to know more about TommyInnit, you stay there. How much salary, today’s net worth, biography, wiki, professional career, personal life (height, age, wife, children, mother, father, siblings), and much more, so you have to stay with us for interesting facts.

Real Name:       Thomas Simons
Date of birth: April 9, 2004
Birthplace: Nottingham, England
Nationality: British
Wife: No
Profession: YouTube and Twitch star
TommyInnit Net Worth: $7 million

Early Life

TommyInnit was born by his real name Thomas Simmons on April 9, 2004, in Nottingham, England. He holds British nationality. TommyInnit’s father’s name is Mr. Simons, who is a businessman by profession. His mother’s name is Sarah Simons, who is a housewife. Regarding his education, he went to a local high school in his hometown. And then, he was studied at a Local Private University in Nottinghamshire.

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From an early age, he likes to play video games. He has created a YouTube channel named ChannelNutpig at the age of 12. His friends ask him to change the name of his YouTube channel. So, later he changed his channel name to Tom and made it private. He was started streaming games on Twitch at the age of 14. In the start, he was started streaming the games PUBG and Fortnite. At the start, he has 2K followers on Twitch. And then, he earned more viewers on Twitch after receiving Twitch affiliates in 2019.

Personal Life

TommyInnit is unmarried yet. He is currently a single man. He has not shared any information regarding his relationship. He seems to be single.

Age, Height, and Weight

In 2022, TommyInnit was 17 years old. TommyInnit’s height is 6 feet 1 inch (1.8m). His weight is 70 kg.

Professional Life

On August 6, 2019, TommyInnit started making videos on Hypixel Skyblock. His fans increased hugely. He gained more followers. In just two months, he gained 4.8K to 66k followers.

TommyInnit continuously worked on Hypixel Skyblock videos. He became one of the fastest-growing YouTubers to date; as of February 2022, his YouTube channel has grown up and has 11.5 million subscribers. He has garnered over 6.7 million followers on his Twitch account.

TommyInnit started to invite people to SMP Earth. He was very popular for making Minecraft games on YouTube. He also makes videos with his friends Wilbur Soot, Silmecicle, Tubbo, and Quackity.

TommyInnit also has a merch store that sells branded items such as hoodies, t-shirts, posters, and mobile phone cases. His online store at least makes $100,000 per month revenue. You can also check out his online store at

He has a great professional career. TommyInnit has many achievements in his life. TommyInnit added a lot of fame and achievements in his Professional Career.

Social Media Links

TommyInnit loves to share his pictures and videos on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. He continuously shares his activities on social platforms to engage his fans. He is a very famous celebrity and is widely followed on social media sites. TommyInnit Net Worth in 2022 is $7 million.

Instagram: See Profile
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YouTube: See Channel
Website: N/A

TommyInnit has many fans all over the world. He started his YouTube channel that is “TommyInnit”. He has more than 11.5 million subscribers on his YouTube Chanel. And also, he has 3.5 million followers on Instagram.

TommyInnit Net Worth in 2022

In 2022, TommyInnit has approximated net worth is more than $7 million. He has multiple income sources.

Is Tommy A Millionaire?

Yes, TommyInnit is a millionaire youtuber, he has a net worth of $3million. He has his own YouTube channel and he uploads vlogs, fan videos, and pranks. He is also a vlogger on YouTube and has over 1,000,00 subscribers.

Why is TommyInnit so popular?

TommyInnit is popular because he is funny, cute and he makes videos that teenagers love. He is also a good actor. He has been in many commercials and movies. He is one of the biggest music artists on YouTube.

Why did TommyInnit stop streaming?

TommyInnit stopped streaming because he was not happy with his music label, and he did not want people to post his videos on Facebook. He did not want to be like Justin Bieber and make money off of videos. Also, he did not want to be like PewDiePie, who gets paid by YouTube.

TommyInnit says “I love you” to the camera so much because it makes him seem more real. Also, it is a way for him to say that he cares about his fans.

How much does TommyInnit make a year?

TommyInnit makes a lot of money because he has his own clothing line, which he sells at Target. He also gets paid by YouTube. He also makes money from his music label and from the ads on his videos. He makes a year because he makes a lot of money from his clothing line, which he sells at Target. Also, he gets money from YouTube and his music label, and the ads on his videos.

TommyInnit makes money by playing games on Twitch and selling merchandise on eBay to help fund his channel and other projects (such as movies). He also has a clothing line on Target. He makes around about 250,000 a year.

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