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Top 5 Romance Books to Read in 2022

Romance Books to Read

When the world is too big, life is too stressful, and your social media timeline is on fire, you can turn to romance novels to relax and heal your soul. Here is a list of the five best romance books to read in 2022. The wide variety of sub-genres, emotional ups, and downs of passion, incredible characters, intense love scenes, and guaranteed happy endings strike the perfect balance between interesting storytelling and escapism, and it’s the only reason I’ve run out of stuff in recent years to read.

Enemies to lovers, friends start dating, fake dating or marriages turned into something more, and even a pinch of old-fashioned forced intimacy – the best romance books of 2022 are full of the genre’s most beloved and revered tropes. You can easily look for these books with the help of a good internet connection. Consider getting Cox internet, which is one of the leading ISPs in the market. Their internet prices are economical with a wide range of packages for their customers

To give you a taste of the best, we’ve rounded up this year’s best reads that are bound to rekindle your love for romance.

1.    Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

Between a very grumpy guy and Ms. Suzy Sunshine, it seems easy to read at first, but things get more complicated because of Tina.

Certain situations teach Naomi how to take care of her 11-year-old niece and herself. She has to start almost from scratch in a new city. I love that she has a great support group in the form of her parents and best friend Steph. I liked all the characters that I met in the book. The romance is sweet – although Knox is a bit of an alpha male, sometimes things get heated between the two and end up a little bumpy, but it makes the story even more intriguing.

2.    Hook, Line and Sinker by Tessa Bailey

Fox is more broken than anyone ever knew, and he must get himself back together if he has any hope of a future with his girl. I loved the intimacy, the level of confidence and determination, and the slow burn of a sizzling romance had the kind of sexual tension that heats up the pages.

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Life with your best friend was supposed to be easy. But now she’s wrapped in a towel and sleeping on the other side of the corridor, and Fox dreams of waking up next to her for the rest of his life and man overboard! He caught a hair, a hook, a fishing line, and a sinker. Helping her flirt with another man is pure torture, but if Fox can fight his inner demons and show Hannah that he can handle it, maybe she’ll choose him.

3.    Last Resort by K. Bromberg

Callahan and Sutton’s relationship begins as a one-night stand that quickly develops into something more. Hired to advice on improvements and employment contracts at Ocean’s Edge Resort, Sutton falls for a broken man who struggles with grief, guilt, loss, and regret. As Sutton struggles between head and heart, Callahan knows that Sutton is the woman who controls his soul. Some scenes are intimate and passionate, and add a nice touch to the sizzling chemistry.

Last Resort is a story about family and loss, friendship and grief, acceptance and understanding, love, and a happy ending. The character-based premise is emotional, fun, and engaging; the characters are broken, smart, wounded, and alive; romance is seductive and provocative.

4.    With Love From Rose Bend by Naima Simone

One of the things I really love about this book and this show, in general, is that the supporting characters are so well drawn and constantly popping up and you really get to know who they are even if they play a minor role.

Everyone from Leo’s extended family to former teammate/best friend Owen and his beauty queen wife and the various townsfolk living in Rose Bend feels like fully formed, multi-dimensional characters and you can’t help but want more of them.

Ultimately, however, the focus of the book is on the romance between Leo and Owen, two lost and lonely people who begin to realize that they are the perfect couple. Despite all the provincial charm, the story with these two characters is very emotional and draws the reader into a story of healing and hope and learning to open your heart even when you are afraid.

5.    Brutal Vows by J.T. Geissinger

After being blown away by Ruthless Creatures, Carnal Urges, and Savage Hearts, we knew that J.T. Gessinger would not disappoint with her fourth and final book in the Queens and Monsters series.

In this book, we get to know the softer side of the tough Irish mafia as it guides us through his whirlwind romance with Italian mob heiress Reyna.

When an arranged marriage is decided between the spider and Lily Caruso, the sweet, unassuming eighteen-year-old daughter of an Italian mafia boss, Reyna explodes in anger. Having endured the horrors of such an inappropriate relationship to keep the peace herself, she refuses to bring the same fate upon her niece.

When Lily finds herself in a compromising position with her lover on her wedding day, Reyna uses the opportunity to sacrifice herself to protect the young girl.

What follows is a fantastic romance between the newlyweds, Homer and Reina.


If you are new to this genre, prepare your fantasy accordingly because it will be overloaded. Romance novels include all the full sex scenes and heartbreaking moments you’ve seen in movies, and the level goes up a notch. We hope you enjoy our list.

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