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Krista Horton Net Worth 2023; Income, Husband & Biography

Krista Horton Net Worth

Who is Krista Horton?

Krista Horton is one of the well-known figures in social media sway this year. She has been well-known for a while. Her Instagram feed has a sizable number of followers. She has accounts on Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, among other social media platforms. However, she is mainly active on her Instagram page. As of 2023, Krista Horton net worth is estimated at $4 Million.

Real Name:        Krista Horton
Date of birth: September 9, 1986
Age: 36 years old
Height: 5 Feet 4 Inch
Birthplace: Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA
Nationality: American
Husband: Bryce Horton
Profession: Influencer, Blogger
Krista Horton Net Worth 2023: $4 Million

Early Life & Education

Krista Horton was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA, on September 9, 1986. Krista Horton is her birth name. She is now 36 years old and has American nationality. On September 9, she celebrates her birthday and cuts her birthday cake with her friends and family.

She was raised by her parents. Although she posts stuff about her close family as part of her job, nothing is known about her parents.

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Regarding Krista’s parents and siblings, nothing is known. The online persona keeps a lot of information about her past private. She hasn’t revealed a lot of information about them as a result.

We are unable to determine whether Krista has siblings because she has likewise never disclosed her biological relationship to anybody. Krista focuses on her family on her social media profiles. She doesn’t discuss any other family members other than her spouse and children.

Horton finished her studies there, at Liberty High School. Later, she attended California State University to get a kinesiology degree.

Personal Life: Husband, Boyfriend, Dating, Divorce, Kids

In 2012 Krista Horton complete her studies. She married her longtime love, Bryce Horton, one year later. Before getting married, she and Bryce had been dating for eight years.

Krista resides in Bakersfield, California, with her family. Her three children are. The family revealed they were expecting their first child on April 24, 2013. The caption on Krista’s Instagram post that day read, “So excited for our first baby, and it’s a boy.”

She has now published several pieces on her pregnancy experience that include her spouse. The first son of the family was born on September 24, 2013. He was given the name Boston Billy, and then the moniker Boss Man.

Her quest for influence began significantly with Boston’s birth. She started sharing images of her parenting experience online. She was also disseminating pertinent parenting information that other ladies might find useful.

Krista announced that she was having a second child at the beginning of 2015. This time, a female was involved. Krista started displaying images of her growing baby belly once more as it became bigger. She recorded the entire voyage so that everyone could see it.

She made note of the baby’s first kicks, the ultrasound, and other events. Kollyns Drew, Krista’s daughter, entered the world in August 2015.

She captioned the photo on August 13, “Here we are as a family of four. Kollyns Drew was born on August 12, 2015, at 1:59 p.m. Right now, I don’t think my heart could be much fuller. I sincerely appreciate all of your kind words from yesterday. It meant a lot to me.

She dubbed Kollyns, who was born, “Kolly Girl,” and she became quite active once more. This time, she also posted images of Kollyns in addition to Boston. You may view some of her adorable photos on her Instagram account, @Krista.horton. She continued to post articles about parenting.

Frequently spotted with Britt Horton is Krista. Given that Britt Horton has been mentioned frequently in Krista’s articles, it appears that they are best friends. Britt and Krista flaunted their growing tummies together after becoming pregnant practically simultaneously.

Krista made the news that she was expecting her third child in June 2020. She had been expecting for some time, so this announcement was a little late.

Fearing she might never be able to bear another child, Krista feared the worst. She claimed not to believe in jinxes but expressed a desire to avoid doing so. 2020 saw the birth of her third child on December 10th. He went by the moniker Kampbell Rhoades this time.

She likes family vacations and twining. She likes Mexican food as well. Miley Cyrus is her favorite musical artist. She adores football players Tom Brady and Tiger Woods. Atlanta-based Betty African is one of her top bloggers.

Age, Height, and Weight

In 2023, Krista Horton is 36 years old. Krista Horton’s height is 5 feet 4 inches. Her weight is 54 kg.

Professional Life

Horton started as a model. After releasing stylish images showcasing her sense of style, she began to gain recognition. Her first postings on her blog, which she started in 2012 after graduating from college, were about her bachelorette celebration.


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A post shared by Krista Horton (@krista.horton)

When Horton began sharing her pregnancy, parenting advice, and experiences on social media, her career as an influencer officially began. Her social media following increased along with the size of her family. Horton writes a blog about a range of subjects, including parenthood, travel, cooking, and other things.

Horton’s primary source of income is her work as a freelance blogger. Her website hosts the blog posts she writes. There, her followers may also buy shoes, outfits, accessories for kids, phone accessories, and photo presets.

She earns money from many postings she makes on social media sites including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as a result of her fame. The blogger has 1.7 million followers on Instagram, where she spends much of her time.

Horton frequently publishes family-friendly content and makes money by promoting websites and working with different businesses. Additionally, she makes money via affiliate links that are accessible on her website.

The blogger and influencer have an excellent net worth thanks in part to her sister-in-law and her interior design firm.

Social Media Links

Krista Horton enjoys posting photos and videos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She is always sharing her activities on social media to engage her admirers. Krista Horton has 1.7 million Instagram followers. She is a well-known celebrity who is active on social media. Krista Horton net worth is expected to be $4 million in 2023.

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Krista Horton Net Worth in 2023 / Krista Horton Salary / Income

According to our source, Krista Horton’s net worth is $4 Million as of 2023. Krista Horton makes a lot’s money from her blog. Due to her stylish family photos, her Krista Horton Instagram account has more than 1.7 million followers. Krista first gained popularity for her informative web writings and Instagram postings about parenting, pregnancy, and nutrition.

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