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Laura Bozzo Net Worth 2024; Income, Husband & Biography

Laura Bozzo Net Worth

Who is Laura Bozzo?

Laura Cecilia Bozzo Rotondo is a Peruvian talk show hostess, best known for her Spanish-language talk show Laura which was broadcast in the United States on the Univision television network. Bozzo has hosted other talk shows under her name, including Laura en América, back in the 1990s to early 2000s. Laura is very famous for her appearance as a Peruvian talk show hostess. As of 2024, Laura Bozzo’s net worth is around $15 Million.

She is also popular for her Spanish-language talk shows. She is best known for her talk show name ”Laura en America”. Laura Bozzo is a celebrity from America. She gained huge achievements in her professional life.

Real Name:       Laura Cecilia Bozzo Rotondo
Date of birth: August 19, 1951
Birthplace: Callao, Peru
Nationality: Peruvian, Italian, Mexican
Profession: TV Show Host
Husband: Mario de la Fuente
Laura Bozzo Net Worth 2024: $15 million

Early Life

Laura Bozzo was born by her real name Laura Cecilia Bozzo Rotondo on August 19, 1951, in Peru. She holds Mexican and Peruvian nationality. She was brought up with her parents.

Erine father name is Miguel Bozzo Chirichignio. Her father is a professional engineer. Erine mother name is Victoria Luisa Rotondo Mendoza.

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Her mother is a professional actress. Laura’s parents are Italian, Spanish, and of Quechua descent. She has one sibling named Susana Bozzov.

Laura Bozzo studied law at San Marcos University which is located in Lima. Laura Bozzo is a Peruvian talk show hostess. She also makes talk shows in the Spanish language. Laura is a successful TV show host.

Personal Life

Laura Bozzo is a married woman. She was married to Mario de la Fuente. They were married in 1980. They shared two daughters named Alejandra de la Fuente, Victoria de la Fuente. In addition, they had a relationship from 1980 to 2000.

Some personal issues separate them. They were divorced in 2000. After separation, she has another relationship with Cristian Zuarez. She started dating Cristian Zuarez. Cristian Zuarez is a professional singer.

Age, Height, and Weight

In 2024, Laura Bozzo was 72 years old. Laura Bozzo’s height is 5 feet 4 inches. Her weight is 56 kg.

Professional Life

Laura Bozzo initially started her career as a lawyer in Peru, specializing in family and civil law. Her legal background would later become a significant aspect of her television persona.

Laura Bozzo started her television career in 1994. She started television with Las mujeres tienen la palabra which is a feminist show, on RBC Televisión.

Television Debut:

Laura Bozzo made her debut in Peruvian television in the early 1990s as a legal advisor on various programs. She quickly gained recognition for her assertive and often confrontational style in dealing with legal issues.

Laura Bozzo appeared in Panamericana Televisión and worked in the conductor role of the reality show Intimidades in 1997. And then she was offered a role by a famous American television “for Laura en América”. It is very famous in many countries including America.

The show was known for its sensational and controversial content, often featuring family disputes, infidelity accusations, and emotional confrontations. It became highly popular but also garnered criticism for exploiting people’s problems for entertainment.

Laura Bozzo launched “Solidaridad de Familia” which means Family Solidarity. It is a charitable foundation. It helped needy people. This organization helped needy people with legal, medical, and psychological problems.

Laura Bozzo also assigned a new show Laura en acción debuted on Telemundo in the United States. She also reappeared in a show titled “Last Talk”. She became the host of the show named “Talkshow”. After some time she left the show because of her issues. Then she signed a deal for five years show named “Televisa”.

Variety of Shows:

Over the years, Bozzo has hosted several television programs, including “Laura,” “Laura sin censura,” and “Laura de todos.” Her shows have evolved but have continued to feature dramatic and controversial content.

Relationship & Dating

Mario de la Fuente was a successful lawyer who was known for his legal skills. He also had a deep relationship with his wife, Laura Bozzo. They were married in 1980 and had two daughters: Alejandra de la Fuente and Victoria de la Fuente. After the couple’s divorce, they pursued legal services together. In August 2000, they announced that they were seeking a living will through law enforcement purposes.”

In 2011, Laura Bozzo became involved in an incident in which she was accused of abusing her stepdaughter. She denied the accusations and claimed that the girl was being exploited by her mother-in-law.”

In 2013, Laura Bozzo was accused of trying to extort $300,000 from the family of her ex-husband’s new wife. The woman claimed that Bozzo had threatened to tell the police that the woman had been involved in a sex scandal. She also accused her of trying to extort money from her new husband.”

In 2014, Laura Bozzo and her ex-husband Mario de la Fuente were accused of fraud and conspiracy related to their divorce. They were charged with defrauding a family member who was given custody of their daughter.”

Social Media Links

Laura Bozzo loves to share her pictures and videos on Twitter, Instagram Facebook, and YouTube. She continuously shares her activities on social platforms to engage her fans. She is a celebrity and is widely followed on social media. Laura Bozzo’s net worth in 2024 is around $15 million

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Laura Bozzo has many fans all over the world. And also has 664K followers on Instagram.

Laura Bozzo Net Worth in 2024/ Mario de la Fuente Salary / Income

In 2024, Laura Bozzo’s net worth is around $15 million. Laura Bozzo’s primary source of income has been her television career. She has hosted various talk shows and reality programs, particularly in the Spanish-speaking world. These programs have been syndicated across multiple countries, and she has earned income from television appearances, endorsements, and other related ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What did Laura do?

Laura Bozzo is the host of ” Laura,” a popular Spanish-language show that lately has been overshadowed by her under house arrest at her studio, awaiting trial for allegedly taking bribes to support former president Alberto Fujimori.

The show is said to be filled with Deliveritous News articles and other content designed to back up the stories of “howaundryers” and addicts who have turned their lives around. It also seems that Bozzo may soon become the first foreigner to ever sit on the U.S. Supreme Court, as rumors suggest she will ask herself whether she would prefer to serve in a five-member ruling body.

  • What nationality is Laura Bozzo?

Laura Bozzo is an American woman who identifies herself as Peruvian, Italian, or Mexican. Laura Cecilia Bozzo Rotondo on August 19, 1952 in Peru (Republic of Peru República del Perú (Spanish). She spent her childhood in Peru, Argentina, and the United States. In the early 1990s, Laura Bozzo became a U.S. citizen.

  • Is Laura Bozzo still married?

Bozzo married lawyer Mario de la Fuente in 1980. The couple had two daughters, Alejandra and Victoria. In August 2000, they divorced after twenty years of marriage.

  • How old is Laura Bozzo?

As of her birth, she is 69 years old. She was born in Peru, Argentina, and the United States. Her date of birth is August 19, 1952.

  • Is Laura Bozzo Mexican?

Laura Bozzo has always been passionate about the MX, her home country. When she decided to become a Mexican citizen in 2018, she quickly began taking group classes on MX laws and how they apply to her situation. She also started an online store that sells tickets and visas for Mexico so that she could live illegally in the United States without any fear!

  • Who are Laura Bozzo’s daughters?

Laura Bozzo’s daughter’s name is Alejandra de la Fuente and Victoria de la Fuente Ayers.

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