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OMI In A Hellcat Net Worth 2023; Income, Charges & Biography



OMI In A Hellcat Net Worth

Who is OMI In A Hellcat?

Bill Omar Carrasquillo is well known by OMI In a Hellcat and is a popular American automotive YouTube star and music artist. He is popular for making automotive content on his self-known YouTube channel “OMI In A Hellcat”. As of 2023, OMI In A Hellcat net worth is estimated at $50 million according to our source.

Real Name:       Bill Omar Carrasquillo
Date of birth: August 6, 1986
Birthplace: United States
Nationality: America
Girlfriend: MiMi
Profession: YouTube Star, Music Artist
OMI In A Hellcat Net Worth: $50 million

Early Life

OMI In a Hellcat was born by his real name Bill Omar Carrasquillo on August 6, 1986, in the United States. He holds American nationality.

OMI In a Hellcat father’s name is Julio Carrasquillo and his mother’s name is unknown. His father Julio Carrasquillo is a real estate agent in Philadelphia. He grew up with his father and stepmother. He has not shared his education.

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Personal Life

OMI is not been married yet. He has a girlfriend named MiMi whom he has dating with her. OMI shared a picture with his girlfriend MiMi on Instagram. He shared a picture with MiMi on May 5, 2021, with the caption “With My Favorite Person”. OMI has two kids from his previous relationship named Omir and Nomar.

Age, Height, and Weight

In 2023, OMI In a Hellcat was 37 years old. OMI’s height is 5 feet 6 inches (1.78m). His weight is 78 kg.

Professional Life

At the start of his professional life, OMI worked as a pizza delivery guy for 5 years before he got into several other business ventures. And then he also worked re-sold different games and formed a company.

OMI formed a hosting company where he hosted many games like Minecraft, and Grand Theft Auto 5. So he became a professional application developer. He also developed different successful apps and earned from selling them.

OMI also founded the IPTV application “Gear TV Reloaded”. Sometime later OMI closed it. He mostly earned from his nightclubs. He owns 2 nightclubs “Philly 21” and “Unicas”.

OMI has been popular after uploading automotive videos on his YouTube channel “OMI In A Hellcat”. He created his YouTube channel on February 5, 2016. At the start, he posted videos of his daily life. He usually makes V-logs.

Omi recently posted a video on Jun 3, 2021, titled “Taking Delivery of 2021 Durango Hellcat (Tracktion response)”. He uploaded different songs in which some of the most popular are “Waste My Time”, “Know The Feeling”, “Call Back”, and “Sense”. OMI has a great professional career. He had many achievements in his life. OMI added a lot of fame and achievements in his Professional Career.

Social Media Links

OMI loves to share his pictures and videos on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. He continuously shares his activities on social platforms to engage his fans. He is a very famous celebrity and is widely followed on social media sites. OMI In a Hellcat Net Worth in 2023 is $50 million.

Instagram: See Profile
Facebook: See Profile
Twitter: See Profile
YouTube: See Channel
Website: N/A

OMI has many fans all over the world. He started his YouTube channel which is “OMI.”He has more than 137K subscribers on his YouTube Chanel. And also, he has 1 million followers on Instagram.

OMI Net Worth & Income in 2023

According to our source, OMI In A Hellcat has approximated net worth is more than $50 million as of 2023. He earned much from his self-titled YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is OMI In A Hellcat now?

YouTuber Omi, better known by his online handle “Omi in a Hellcat,” is currently being prosecuted by the United States government for related to his now-defunct pirate IPTV services. To generate funds after the collapse of his IPTV empire, Omi used his already popular ‘Reloaded’ IPTV brand to sell merchandise.

  • What is the net worth of OMI In A Hellcat?

OMI In A Hellcat has earned most of his wealth from business deals in Real Estate. He is basically an American Entrepreneur, Investor, and YouTube celebrity and is well-known for exhibiting his lifestyle on the platform. From his YouTube channel, he approximately earns 500 dollars per day and makes 180K dollar annually. The estimated net worth of OMI IN A HELLCAT is about 50 million dollars approximately.

  • What is the homeland of Bill Omar?

On 6th September 1986, Omi In A Hellcat has born in Philadelphia, United States. His Real name is Bill Omar. He was raised one of 38 children in North Philadelphia. He lost his mother at a very young age due to a drug overdose while his father was a drug king from which he learned to cook crack cocaine at the age of 12.

  • Which difficulties were faced by Bill Omar?

He started his career as a pizza delivery boy and did this job for five years. Later he started to venture into reselling the games. With the passage of time, he established a hosting company that hosted the most popular game such as Grand Theft Auto 5 and Minecraft.

  • Does Omi own Real Estate?

Omi used his earning to invest in various business deals such as construction, real estate, and various nightclub business. He currently owns various restaurants and companies, and two nightclubs named Philly 21 and Unicas.

  • Why was OMI In A Hellcat arrested?

In November 2019, the FBI department raided his home which took around four to five hours under investigation for alleged copyright infringement and tax evasion. After the investigation, his cars, jewelry, and the money in his bank accounts were seized. The Gear TV Reloaded application which was also owned by him was also shut down.

  • Does Bill Omar gain fame in music?

Bill Omar also gained fame with his worldwide hit dubbed “Cheerleader,” which was a remixed version by German DJ Felix Jaehn.  Later he signed an agreement with Ultra Music which is a part of the Sony Music industry. On 10th October 2015, he released his debut album, Me 4 U.

  • What made Omi feel guilty?

Omi Carrasquillo stated that he feels guilty of multiple charges, including criminal copyright, tax fraud, and wire fraud. He was also previously involved in providing IPTV services, which had led to legal troubles for him.

  • Is Bill Omar Married?

Bill Omar was married and he is the father of two sons, Omir and Nomar, from his ex-wife. The couple is living a separate life after their divorce but Information about his past relationships has yet to be released.

  • Does Omi own any cars?

It is found that he is currently owning 57 cars in Philadelphia that are available in his garage. According to Fox 29, it was found that during seized of his various properties his 50 cars were also seized which included Bentley ($205,000), a Tesla ($140,000), and a Rolls Royce ($233,000) which were later given back.

  • Is Omi dating anyone?

Bill Omar is dating a gorgeous lady named Mimi. Her videos frequently feature OMI. On 5th May 2021, a picture of Omi and Mimi was shared on Bill Omar’s Instagram, with the caption “With My Favorite Person”.

  • How much does Omi in a Hellcat make?

According to Forbes, Omi has a net worth of $50 million. YouTube personality and entrepreneur Omi has had a meteoric rise to fame over the last few years and is expected to earn around $500 a day which makes his annual income $180,000.

  • Why OMI In A Hellcat is so famous?

OMI In a Hellcat is a well-known American automotive YouTube star and music artist.

  • How old is OMI In a Hellcat?

OMI In a Hellcat was born on August 6, 1986, and he is 37 years old.

  • What is OMI In a Hellcat’s real name?

OMI In a Hellcat real name is Bill Omar Carrasquillo.

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