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Ramesh Balwani Net Worth 2024; Income, Age, Wife & Biography

Ramesh Balwani Net Worth

Who is Ramesh Balwani?

Ramesh Sunny Balwani is an American businessman. Currently, he serves as the president and CEO of Theranos, a privately held health technology company that his former girlfriend founded, Elizabeth Holmes. He, alongside his girlfriend Elizabeth Holmes, was recently accused of defrauding investors, doctors, and patients. As of 2024, Ramesh Balwani’s net worth is around $100 Million.

Real Name:       Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani
Date of birth: June 13, 1965
Age: 59 years old
Height: 5 feet 7 inch
Birthplace: Pakistan
Nationality: American
Wife/Spouse: Keiko Fujimoto
Dating/Girlfriend: Elizabeth Holmes
Profession: Businessman
Ramesh Balwani Net Worth 2024: $100 Million

Early Life

On June 13, 1965, Ramesh Balwani was born in Sindh, Pakistan; he is 59 years old and holds American nationality.

When he was a kid, his family moved to India; he spent most of his time in India. When he was 21 years old, he moved to the United States.

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Ramesh Balwani barely mentions anything related to his bio details. His parents and family details aren’t available on the internet.

Similarly, his ethnicity isn’t known, but he holds American nationality and lives in the United States.


Ramesh Balwani enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin. He earned his degree in Information Systems. After graduating from the university, he worked for Lotus Software and Microsoft before co-founding CommerceBid.

That is a software development company that helped businesses buy and sell items over the burgeoning Internet; Balwani later sold CommerceBid in 2000.

Ramesh decides to pursue a master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of California, Berkeley.

He graduated from there in 2003. Then, he joined Stanford University for a computer science degree but didn’t complete the program.

Personal Life: Wife, Girlfriend, Dating, Divorce, Kids

Ramesh Sunny Balwani was happily married to Keiko Fujimoto, a professional Japanese artist. They lived together in San Francisco. However, they were separated by a divorce in 2002. He was also in a relationship with Elizabeth Holmes.

They are working together in Theranos. In 2002, Holmes and Balwani met for the first time. Balwani, 19 years older than Holmes, was married to his wife Keiko then. Though they were romantically involved, they didn’t disclose their relationship to anyone.

Age, Height, and Weight

In 2024, Ramesh Balwani is 59 years old. Ramesh Balwani’s height is 5 feet 7 inches. His weight is 70 kg.

Professional Life

Ramesh Sunny Balwani joined the company Theranos in 2008. He was responsible for day-to-day operations in the company.

He has no training in biological science and medical devices, creating an issue during medical experts’ absence. While giving a presentation in PowerPoint, he used the world as a prank.

The company Edison’s blood-testing device produced inaccurate medical results and diagnoses In October 2015. The Wall Street Journal made a report on the device’s inaccuracy.

The Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) prepared a report showing the widely varying results from the Edison machines in March 2016.

In April 2016, the company Theranos declared all test results void generated from Edison machines. In January 2016, Theranos received a warning letter from the CMS after inspecting its California-based laboratory.

In March 2018, Ramesh Balwani and the owner of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, were charged with securities fraud by the SEC. Holmes at first came out of all the court cases, but, Balwani remained in litigation. They were supposed to be raising over $700 million from investors through a years-long fraud by presenting false statements about the company’s business, technology, and financial performance.

On August 31, 2021, Holmes recently began her trial. She would be facing up to 20 years in prison, and she would be paying  $2.75 million in fines and restitution. Balwani’s trial is set to begin in January 2022 after the conclusion of Holmes’ trial.

Social Media Links

Ramesh Balwani loves to share his pictures and videos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Ramesh Balwani continuously shares his activities on social platforms to engage his fans. He is a celebrity and is widely followed on social media sites. Ramesh Balwani’s net worth in 2024 is $100 Million.

Instagram: N/A
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Ramesh Balwani Net Worth 2024 / Ramesh Balwani’s Salary / Income

In 2024, Ramesh Balwani’s net worth is around $100 Million. He makes his wealth from his chain of businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Ramesh Balwani is so famous?

Ramesh Sunny Balwani is a well-known American businessman born in Sindh, Pakistan.

  • What is the net worth of Ramesh Balwani?

Ramesh Balwani is also known as sunny Balwani. He is an American businessman, entrepreneur, computer scientist, and the former president of Theranos Biotechnology Company. In 2023 the estimated net worth of sunny Balwani was about $100 million.

  • What is the homeland of sunny Balwani?

On 24 December 1954, he was born in California, United States of America. He has spent 68 years of his life. In 2003 he completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the School of Business, university in f California. He graduated in information systems and artificial intelligence from the University of Texas from 1987 to 1990. During the time duration between 2004 to 2008, he studied computer science in machine learning and pattern recognition at Stanford University. His parent’s detail is a mystery to everyone.

  • Does Balwani own any real estate?

In 2013, he celebrated his success of becoming a billionaire by purchasing a lavish estate in Atherton, a small Silicon Valley city that is basically for the homes of the wealthiest people of California. In 2016 after being sentenced to prison, the house was sold for 15.8 million dollars, and he owns many other real estate.

  • Why was Ramesh Balwani charged?

Sunny Balwani and his Theranos business partner and her girlfriend, Elizabeth Holmes, having a net worth of about $ 4.5 billion, vanished and were reported to have zero net worth due to her trial verdict. Both of them were charged with $700 million US dollar fraud by the SEC, while Elizabeth was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

  • What was the salary of sunny Balwani in Theranos?

In 2006, Sunny was paid only $1 in the company Theranos when he resigned from his position and became the president of Theranos and purchased $4.5 million stock in the company with his own money.

  • How many shares did Balwani have of the company?

In 2000, he decided to sell out the company and his share; then, he had a share of about 40 million dollars, and later, the company went out of business.

  • Is Ramesh Balwani married?

He was married to Keiko Fujimoto and lived in San Francisco; later, the couple divorced, so he currently has no relationship.

  • How did Balwani meet Elizabeth Holmes?

He met Elizabeth during her school duration; she was about 18 years old while he was 37. She became the leading investor in the company Theranos. They started dating, but their relationship lasted from 2003 to 2016.

  • How old is Ramesh Balwani?

He was born on June 13, 1965, and he is 59 years old.

  • Who is Ramesh Balwani’s wife?

Ramesh Balwani’s wife’s name is Keiko Fujimoto.

  • What has happened to Sunny Balwani?

He was found guilty on all 12 fraud counts in July 2022, and over a year later, he was reported to a federal prison with minimal security located outside of Los Angeles. There, his 13-year sentence had already been reduced to 11 years. Here are some details concerning his role with Theranos and his friendship with Holmes.

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