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Tabitha Brown Net Worth 2023; Income, Husband & Biography

Tabitha Brown Net Worth

Who is Tabitha Brown?

Tabitha Bonita Brown is a famous social media star and American actress. Tabitha Brown is a great personality from America. She is best known for online video content comprising humor, veganism, and motivational speaking. In 2023, Tabitha Brown’s net worth is around $3 Million.

Tabitha Brown creates online video content incorporating veganism, humor, and motivational speaking. She has been featured on NBC’s “The Today Show” and ABC’s “Good Day America.” Her videos have won her awards such as the prestigious National Award for Social Media Activism from the Humane Society of the United States. Brown is also a speaker at national conferences and colleges across the United States.

Who has over 4 million followers on TikTok and also over four million followers on Instagram. She first came to prominence in 2018 with the release of her song “I’m Not a Girl”. In February 2019, she announced that she was leaving her record label Atlantic Records after seven years.

Real Name:       Tabitha Bonita Brown
Date of birth: February 4, 1979
Birthplace: Eden, North Carolina, U.S.
Nationality: American
Husband: Chance Brown
Profession: Actress
Tabitha Brown Net Worth 2023: $3 million

Early Life

Tabitha Brown was born on the 4th of February, 1979 in Eden, North Carolina, United States. She holds American nationality. She was brought up in America.

In 2007 she lost her mother. She started her school in Eden. After their school education, she started studying Art & Design at Miami International University.

Tabitha Brown has been described as the “America’s Mom” by HuffPost. She has a blog and content that is characterized by its positive tone, including advice on everything from parenting to travel.

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For some reason, she dropped out of university. Then she goes to California. After sometime later, she settled there in Greensboro. She lived in Greensboro for 5 years. In 2002 she had her first experience as a co-host of a late-night show.

Personal Life

Tabitha Brown is married to Chance Brown, a retired LAPD officer with whom she co-hosts Fridays with Tab & Chance on IGTV. They have two children together, Ella and Chance, and lived in Los Angeles, California.

Chance Brown is a police officer. He served 15 years of his life in Los Angeles and then he moved to badge. Tabitha was happy about the retirement of his husband. She shared a video after the retirement of her husband.

Tabitha Brown has many fans all over the world. She has 599K subscribers on her YouTube channel. She has approximately 4.1 million followers on her Instagram account. Her fans have also wanted about her family and current status. That is the reason for her achievements in his life.

Age, Height, and Weight

In 2023, Tabitha Brown was 45 years old. Her height is 5 feet 5 inches. Her weight is 54kg.

Professional Life

Tabitha Brown started her professional career at a very small age as an actress in several indie films. She played small roles in these films.

As an actress she appeared in the movies “Caution to the Wind”, “I Am Still Here”, “I Hate LA”, “All Between Us”, “A Stone-Cold Christmas”, and “Princess of the Row”. She has also appeared in various TV series such as “Family Time”, “Black Jesus”, “Sex Sent Me to the ER”, “Switched at Birth”, “CH Originals”, “Will & Grace”, and “The Talk”.


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She became a very famous social media star after she made a video in December 2017 Whole Foods Market vegan BLT Sandwich. This video has been a massive hit. Her fan’s positive response to this video. After this, in March 2020 she made a TikTok account. Tabitha Brown added a lot of fame and achievements in her Professional Career.

Social Media Links

Tabitha Brown loves to share her pictures and videos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She created the self-titled YouTube channel “Tabitha Swatosh” on Nov 23, 2010, and has 922K subscribers currently the channel has More than 102 million views. She continuously shares her activities on social platforms to engage her fans. Tabitha Swatosh has 4.2 million followers on Instagram. She is a very famous celebrity and widely follows social media sites. Tabitha Brown’s Net Worth in 2023 is $3 Million.

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Tabitha Brown’s Net Worth in 2023 & Income in 2023

In 2023, Tabitha Brown’s net worth is $3 million. she earns her net worth from her professional career. mostly her income came from her social media and acting career. She also hosted the show named “All Love” on Ellen Digital Network in June 2020. Tabitha also earns money through brand promotion etc.

Tabitha Swatosh also earns her wealth from her self-titled YouTube channel where more than 922K followers and more than 102 million views.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What was Tabitha Brown’s sickness?

She had a very bad case of “mumps.” She had symptoms of fever, swollen glands, and sore throat. Her parents took her to see doctors, but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. Her family called it “the mumps.”

Mumps can be a serious disease that can cause permanent brain damage and even death. It is caused by a virus that spreads through the coughing and sneezing of an infected person. It is very contagious because it affects the salivary glands of people who have been infected with the virus. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, there is much more virus spread than when they do not cough or sneeze at all.

  • What disability does Tabitha Brown have?

She lives with chronic pain due to a spinal injury. She has undergone multiple surgeries and procedures to relieve her pain. The spinal injury was caused by a car accident that occurred when she was just 14 years old. After the car accident, she was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury.  Her doctors told her family that she would never walk again and she would be wheelchair-bound for the rest of her life.

After many years of living with the spinal injury, Tabitha has had to undergo multiple surgeries in order to relieve her pain. She has had three back operations, but there are still other procedures that are needed in order for her to feel better.

  • How did Tabitha Brown become famous?

Brown became an Uber driver, In December 2017 she stopped driving for Uber and started her career as a vegan influencer. She has also started a YouTube channel called Tabitha Brown Vegan.

and it was during one of her driving shifts in December 2017 that she stopped at Whole Foods and recorded the now-famous video that kicked off her wildly successful career as a vegan influencer.

  • Who is Tabitha Brown?

Tabitha Brown is a famous American actress and social media star.

  • How old is Tabitha Brown?

Tabitha Brown was born on February 4, 1979, and he was 43 years old.
  • Does Tabitha Brown have a son?

Tabitha Brown’s son’s name is Queston Brown.

  • Who is Tabitha Brown’s daughter?

Tabitha Brown’s daughter’s name is Choyce Brown.

  • How much does Tabitha Brown make?

Tabitha Brown’s net worth is around $3 million in 2023

  • How old is Tabitha Brown’s husband?

Tabitha Brown’s husband Chance Brown was born in 1979 and his age is 45 years.

  • Does Tabitha Brown have a cookbook?

Tabitha Brown wrote a book named Feeding the Soul (Because It’s My Business): Finding Our Way to Joy, Love, and Freedom in 2021.

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